Reynolds talks about beaning (Jones update)

Mark Reynolds joked with teammates this morning that they need to go easy on him because he’s “concussed.”

At least he’s able to laugh about it.

Reynolds says he’s fine and thought he might be in the lineup today, but a reporter broke the news that he’s on the bench. “Oh, there’s a lineup up? Then I’m probably not playing,” he said.

“I was going to go beg Buck (Showalter).”

Reynolds was hit above the left temple by an Ervin Santana pitch in the third inning last night and left the game after the fourth. He’s waiting to be examined today by a team physician, but he expects to play in tomorrow’s doubleheader in Boston.

“It’s a little sore where it hit, but it feels fine,” he said.

“You know doctors are very cautious about that sort of thing. I feel fine, though. I could play today if I needed to. I’m good.”

Reynolds has been hit twice in the head, including last season.

“You really don’t even have time to know what happened,” he said. “You just make sure that you’re there and you can see and you can think and remember stuff. Then, after that you’re fine.”

Reynolds is convinced that Santana hit him on purpose, after the first baseman homered in a previous at-bat.

“I don’t think he tried to hit me in the head, but I think he hit me on purpose,” Reynolds said. “He threw a first-pitch slider. Why throw a first-pitch slider and hit me on the next pitch? But I think he hit me on purpose. I don’t think he tried to hit me in the head, though. If he did...”

Reynolds didn’t finish his sentence. A teammate did, and I can’t print what he said.

Update: Adam Jones isn’t in the lineup today, but manager Buck Showalter said it’s possible that Jones will start at least one game of tomorrow’s doubleheader. Jones hasn’t started since Sept. 9.

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