Reynolds, the roster and the rotation

I’m dealing with serious laptop issues today, so you’ll have to be patient with me.

I had to borrow my daughter’s computer, which made her a little uncomfortable. I could tell. And I don’t know why. It’s not like a teenage girl has anything to hide from her father.

I had to charge the battery, download Verizon wireless and basically bring it back to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have everything that I need to make this blog function at its usual efficiency, but I’m getting some assistance from the Web studio and will eventually be back to my normal routine.

Mark Reynolds seems determined to do more than break Mickey Tettleton’s club single-season strikeout record. He’s treating it like the copy machine in “Office Space.”

He’s dragged it out to a field, circled it in slow motion with bat in hand, and wailed on it. He’s also stomped on it as friends try to pull him away. All that’s missing is the short-sleeve dress shirt and tie.

Reynolds has 13 strikeouts in his last five games, but he also has four homers in his last nine. Just deal with it - like my laptop issues.

Whether the Orioles add any more players to their expanded roster - and a healthy Josh Bell would be the leading candidate - depends largely on whether first baseman Chris Davis and infielder Cesar Izturis return from the disabled list, which they’re expected to do.

I’m more confident about Davis making it back from his shoulder injury. And it’s more important to get him some at-bats and continue to evaluate him, whether it’s at first base, third base, left field or designated hitter. And if he’s going to play with a tear in his shoulder, DH might be the way to go.

We’ve already discussed the whole Izturis issue and whether there’s a purpose to putting him back on the roster. Other than rewarding a respected, classy veteran, I don’t see it.

Manager Buck Showalter said Rick VandenHurk would be in the bullpen “for now.” I’m not sure if that means VandenHurk could make a start or two later this month, or whether Showalter just didn’t want to commit to anything yesterday.

He probably can’t at this point. He’s still unsure about Jim Johnson. He can only commit to a bullpen session for Brian Matusz this weekend at Tropicana Field. Jo-Jo Reyes was shelled in his last start, and he’s got a baby on the way, which means he’ll be leaving the team.

Heaven forbid that this rotation is ever settled.

I thought we’d see Chris Tillman, but the Orioles have to be somewhat gentle with Triple-A Norfolk’s roster. It’s not like the Tides are done playing. They have a few games remaining.

OK, the pink background on this laptop screen is giving me a headache. I’m not a fan of the gun cursor, either. I’ll post again later after I’ve recovered.

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