This and that about Reynolds

Cincinnati’s Drew Stubbs joined the 200-strikeout club last night.

It’s a very exclusive club. Total membership is two players.

The meetings are really short. The “minutes” are actually seconds.

Stubbs and Mark Reynolds are the only players in major league history to strike out 200 times in a single season. Reynolds has done it three straight years.

Reynolds would have to strike out 15 times over the last six games to keep his streak alive. He’d rather avoid it if at all possible.

It’s not the kind of streak that makes the Orioles want to hang numbers from the warehouse. And Reynolds won’t be motivated to run a lap around the warning track.

By the way, Reynolds was the first right-handed hitter to have a two-homer game against Josh Beckett since Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun on May 18, 2008.

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