Is there a spot for Bordick on the coaching staff?

Double-A Bowie first baseman Joe Mahoney made his Arizona Fall League debut yesterday and went 3-for-5 with four RBIs. He also committed four errors.

Now that his oblique strain is gone, he needs to get rid of the stiffness in his mitt. But at least he’s playing again.

Maryland’s football team squandered an 18-point third quarter lead last night against Clemson, and Kevin Gregg was charged with a blown save. I’m not sure how that’s possible.

I failed to wish Jim Palmer a happy 66th birthday yesterday, so I’ll do it belatedly.

If it makes you feel old knowing that Cakes is 66, you’re not alone.

I hope I look that good when I wake up tomorrow.

I’m going to spend most of my day at M&T Bank Stadium, rooting for the Ravens to cover against the Texans. My one day to be a fan ... with a point spread.

Beer and nachos? It could happen. But I’ll stop by the warehouse first and jiggle all the door knobs.

(Yesterday’s blog entry started with a reference to a naked Hope Solo. So far today, I’ve referenced alcohol and gambling. Maybe I can talk Tom Davis into moving his “Wall to Wall Baseball” show to late-night Cinemax.)

Last year, we debated whether the Orioles should add former shortstop Mike Bordick to their coaching staff, and whether he could handle third base duties. Now I’m ready to debate whether the Orioles should add Bordick to their coaching staff, and whether he could handle third base duties.

The Orioles need to replace Willie Randolph, who coached third last season after John Russell moved to the dugout. They need someone who can work with the infielders.

I’m more than confident that Bordick would do a fabulous job with the latter responsibilities, but he’s never been a third base coach. You don’t just plop someone into the box and assume that he’ll be good at it.

I broached this subject with Bordick last year and he said that he’d be willing to try, though he conceded that he had no idea whether the experiment would work.

Moving first base coach Wayne Kirby across the diamond doesn’t solve the problem. He, too, would be a novice.

One solution would be to hire Bordick as bullpen coach, since he passed through the revolving door this season. The job doesn’t require previous pitching or catching experience. Bordick knows how to answer a phone, summon the right pitcher and notify the dugout when the reliever is ready.

I’m not downplaying the responsibilities, but Bordick wouldn’t be overwhelmed by them. I didn’t hear any complaints during his stint this summer.

The Orioles considered Rick Adair to be a luxury after hiring him as bullpen coach last year. How many times did we hear that it was like having two pitching coaches? Now I wonder whether that’s such a good idea.

How many voices do you want in Brian Matusz’s ear? Or Zach Britton’s? Choose a pitcher.

I wrote last week that Adair could go back to the bullpen, which would leave the Orioles in the market for another pitching coach. That possibility has been discussed internally. If it happens, just promote Mike Griffin from Triple-A Norfolk.

The only argument against hiring Griffin would be losing his influence on the young pitchers at Triple-A. And I’ll say it again: Let him work with the young pitchers at the major league level. Maybe they’ll stick around longer.

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