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Jeff Passan, the lead baseball columnist for Yahoo! Sports, tweeted the following last night:

Brewers gave up Brett Lawrie and four prospects for Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke. Their playoff stats: 26.1 IP, 9.57 ERA, 1.86 WHIP, 7 HR.


Lawrie will be a star with the Blue Jays. Marcum will be remembered as something else, and it won’t be Mr. October.

I was reminded last night that you can’t spell M-I-L-W-A-U-K-E-E without two Es.

Jerry Hairston Jr. has carved out a nice career as a utility player, but he kept getting burned on the hot corner in the playoffs.

Hairston made six errors in 44 games at third base with the Nationals before they traded him to the Brewers. He committed two on one play last night, booting a ball and then flipping it past Rickie Weeks at second.

I didn’t watch every pitch of every game, but it seemed like a sharp grounder was eating him alive each time I looked up.

Sports Illustrated senior columnist Joe Posnanski tweeted the following last night:

You know what’s a thankless job? Being a Brewers cutoff man.


As for the World Series, I’ll admit that I’m not particularly excited about the Rangers and Cardinals. And if I’m Texas manager Ron Washington, I wouldn’t be particularly excited about handing the ball to Koji Uehara - or Uehomer, as he’s being called these days.

I’ve been wrong pretty much every step of the way in these playoffs. I thought the Yankees and Phillies would meet in the World Series. Then I picked the Tigers and Brewers. My postseason credibility is shot, but I’ll try again and take the Rangers in six.

So how much money should the Orioles give Edwin Jackson to pitch for them next season?

In case you missed this gem last night from

With his team’s spot in the playoffs already locked up, Yu Darvish will skip his start on October 18th, according to the Kyodo News Agency. Orioles player development director John Stockstill traveled to Japan to watch Darvish pitch in this game.


I guess it’s true. Pitchers really don’t want to come here.

Darvish had two ideas: Skip the start or wear a disguise.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter was spotted at yesterday’s Ravens game. I don’t think he was interviewing Ozzie Newsome to be the next general manager.

Jerry Dipoto and Tony LaCava will be interviewed this week. Dan Jennings could join them. And shouldn’t the Orioles be seeking permission to contact a few others?

It takes only one phone call to get the OK on Dodgers executives De Jon Watson and Logan White.

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