This, that and the other

I haven’t checked lately, but I think Nelson Cruz is still standing at home plate admiring his grand slam.

The first walk-off grand slam in postseason history? Can that really be true?

Delmon Young’s oblique injury makes him a real liability in left field. The Rangers must look at him out there and think, “Green light!”

Not quite the same as one of Sidney Ponson’s passengers yelling, “Red light!”

The Orioles will be linked to Prince Fielder this winter because they still need a big bat for the middle of their lineup and have room at first base if they move Mark Reynolds back to third, but it’s hard to imagine them outbidding everyone else. And he’s not taking a discount to play in Baltimore.

The Yankees and Red Sox don’t need first basemen, but Fielder would fit nicely as a designated hitter. And he doesn’t fit in many places without a vat of grease.

I wonder if the Orioles would insist on a weight clause for Fielder, who’s listed at 275 pounds. (I’m not sure whether that’s his left or right leg.)

They included one in Javy Lopez’s contract, but not in Ponson’s. Go figure.

Left-hander C.J. Wilson could eat up a large chunk of the Yankees’ payroll. They’ve already emerged as the favorites to sign him, and it will probably take five years.

The Orioles won’t go to that extreme for a pitcher, and that includes Wilson, despite his ties to manager Buck Showalter and pitching coach Rick Adair.

Free advice: If Nyjer Morgan volunteers to give the commencement address at your college graduation, you should politely decline.

Mark Viviano made an interesting comparison Saturday morning while hosting “Wall to Wall Baseball” on MASN. He referred to center fielder Curtis Granderson as the Tigers’ version of Adam Jones.

The Tigers parted with Granderson in a three-team trade with the Yankees and Diamondbacks that netted them center fielder Austin Jackson and pitchers Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth and Phil Coke.

Granderson put up MVP numbers for the Yankees this season, but the Tigers have no complaints.

In case you didn’t know, teams that won Game 1 of the NLCS have advanced to the World Series 16 of the last 19 years.

If we’re listing potential candidates to replace president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, should we also include Dodgers assistant general manager Logan White?

White is a former Orioles West Coast supervisor who worked under Pat Gillick. (Office space was limited.)

This question was posed to me yesterday on “The Mid-Atlantic Sports Report”: If you could pick any current hitting duo from any team, which do you choose?

Fielder and Ryan Braun will get plenty of votes, though I find myself leaning toward Adrian Gonzalez and Jacoby Ellsbury. Their defense also gets high marks.

Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera also must be considered.

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