Your quick and annoying incremental update

Terry Francona, in an interview earlier today on a Boston radio station, was asked whether he wanted to manage in 2012.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I don’t want to try to manage in the wrong situation.”

For everyone asking me whether Francona could wind up in the Orioles’ dugout if Buck Showalter relinquished his duties as manager, I ask you whether this job would qualify as “the wrong situation” for him.

It’s probably a moot point.

I’m not promising or placing odds on anything, but it’s appearing less likely that Showalter will move into the front office if Andy MacPhail no longer serves as president of baseball operations. He’s deemed too valuable in the dugout. A more probable scenario would involve the Orioles bringing in someone from the outside. But again, nothing is set in stone here.

MacPhail’s contract runs out Oct. 31. He can stay in his current position if he chooses, but he’s still undecided, which is why we remain in a holding pattern.

Showalter is returning to Baltimore tomorrow. He’s also waiting to find out whether MacPhail remains as president of baseball ops, takes on a different role (perhaps as a consultant) or leaves the organization.

Maybe we’ll know something by Friday. I’m not expecting any news to break tomorrow, just as I wasn’t anticipating it today.

I’m heading outside to cut my grass and enjoy this weather before the sun goes down. And I’m leaving my laptop in the house.

Of course, my phone will remain in my pocket. I’m not ready to completely detach myself from the rest of the world.

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