Bordick interested in coaching job

Mike Bordick has made it clear to Orioles manager Buck Showalter that he’d accept an offer to join the coaching staff. He’s also met with Dan Duquette, the new executive vice president of baseball operations.

We should find out later this week whether it leads to a change in roles for Bordick, the former Orioles shortstop who currently serves as their coordinator of offensive fundamentals.

Bordick is a candidate to be named first base or bullpen coach. He wouldn’t replace Willie Randolph at third base because he lacks experience beyond instructional league and his high school team.

Being a novice first base coach isn’t a strike against him. He spent a few weeks as bullpen coach this season and never failed to answer the phone or get the correct pitcher warming, so he passed the audition.

“I’ve got interest for sure,” Bordick told me after I interrupted his Sunday with a phone call.

“Opportunities like this don’t come along every day.”

Bordick sat down with Showalter last week before the manager flew back to Dallas. Showalter is supposed to return to Baltimore this week while still attempting to break the record for most frequent-flier miles in a three-month period.

“He threw out a few different scenarios at the major league and minor league levels,” Bordick said. “It depends how things shake out and whether they feel like they can keep the minor league system as a strength and also have the right guys in place in the majors.”

Showalter values Bordick’s contributions as an instructor, and that includes working with minor league infielders on their defense. Bordick does more than just concentrate on offensive fundamentals, and there’s a concern that removing him from those duties would create a big void. Keep in mind that improving player development is a priority for Showalter and Duquette. And Showalter has used the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” analogy in the past.

If hired, Bordick would replace Randolph as the Orioles’ infield instructor. That’s one of the requirements, and he’s qualified to do it.

Bordick was hesitant to take a coaching job in the past because he didn’t want to be away from his family for long stretches. His current position suits his needs, with so many affiliates being reasonably close to his Ruxton home.

“I’d be home for 81 days out of the season,” he said. “I’m not going to say ‘no’ to an opportunity to be back in the big leagues.”

All he needs is an offer.

Maybe it comes this week.

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