Duquette reminder and minor league pitching

I’m wondering whether the Twins will take a similar beating to the one delivered to the Orioles after they waited until yesterday to fire general manager Bill Smith.

At least the Twins acted quickly in naming a replacement, former GM Terry Ryan, but what’s up with the timing of the change?

I told you on Friday that the Twins denied the Orioles permission to interview vice president of player personnel Mike Radcliff because of “internal reorganization and promotions that could be in the works.” Well, it’s definitely in the works.

Radcliff is clearly viewed as a future GM. Ryan might be keeping the seat warm for him or former Orioles executive Wayne Krivsky, who returned to the Twins this week.

As you know, the Orioles will introduce executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette to the local media at 11 a.m. on the sixth floor of the warehouse. Tune into MASN for the live broadcast.

I’ll file something from the press conference later today, so keep checking back.

Duquette will try to improve the Orioles’ pitching depth in the upper levels of the farm system by bringing in a batch of minor league free agents. I know this because manager Buck Showalter wants the Orioles to improve their pitching depth in the upper levels of the farm system, and he mentioned something about pouncing on the list of minor league free agents the second it was released.

Baseball America compiled the list. Here it is, in case you missed it.

I’m always interested in picking out the former Orioles.

Good to see you, Garrett Olson. You too, Ross Wolf. It seems like only yesterday that you were being traded to Oakland for Jake Fox, who’s also a minor league free agent, though his name doesn’t appear on this list.

John Maine is available. Remember him? And Freddie Bynum, if you’re looking for a utility infielder with attitude.

You’ll also recognize Lance Cormier. And yes, that’s the same Adam Loewen. Just don’t ask him to pitch. That’s so yesterday.

Ed Rogers? He’s no longer being compared to Alex Rodriguez, but I still love the nickname “E-Rog.”

The media gave him that one. He might not even know about it.

Scott Moore’s out there again, if you need a corner infielder.

You’ll also find Jeff Fiorentino on the list. It’s been a while since the Orioles re-signed him. They’re just about due.

Let me know if you find any pitching that might help the Orioles down the road.

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