Latest GM non-update update (Baird out of picture)

I can’t let you go to bed later tonight without another entry about the Orioles’ search for a president of baseball operations.

As of right now - check the time on this entry - the Orioles haven’t scheduled any other interviews for the weekend. Of course, that could change.

I’ve heard that they really want to sit down with Red Sox assistant GM Allard Baird. And they received permission from the Yankees to interview scouting director Damon Oppenheimer.

Multiple people close to the situation say it’s highly unlikely that a decision is made by Monday. Again, that could change. Much depends on how many other candidates fly into Baltimore. But given where things stand at the moment, I’m not sure how Andy MacPhail’s replacement could be revealed immediately after the weekend.

Former Expos and Red Sox GM Dan Duquette interviewed today, and it was a long meeting, just like all the others conducted by the search committee. He’s an intriguing candidate, especially for the guy who fell off the major league landscape after the Red Sox fired him in 2002. I don’t have any details, but he apparently made a strong impression.

On another topic, Baseball America released its list of minor league free agents earlier today. Here are the players who can leave the Orioles’ organization. The list doesn’t include veterans Jeremy Accardo, Chris Jakubauskas and Jake Fox. And in case you’re wondering, “SS” means short-season affiliate, not shortstop:

RHP: Jose R. Diaz (AA), Brandon Erbe (SS), Armando Gabino (AA), Chris Jakubauskas (AAA), Raul Rivero (AA), Chorye Spoone (AA), Mark Worrell (AAA)

LHP: Michael Ballard (AA), Nick Bierbrodt (AAA), Chris George (AAA), James Houser (AAA), Will Startup (Hi A)

C: Zach Booker (AAA), Adam Donachie (AAA), Jhonatan Javier (DSL), Steve Lerud (AA)

1B: Rhyne Hughes (AAA)

3B: Brendan Harris (AAA)

SS: Carlos Rojas (AAA)

OF: Miguel Abreu (Hi A), Kieron Pope (Lo A)

Erbe and Spoone are locals. Spoone didn’t report to the Mesa Solar Sox of the Arizona Fall League, a sure sign that he intended to become a free agent.

Update: According to multiple reports, Baird has informed the Red Sox that he won’t interview for the Orioles’ GM job. Baird cited his desire to remain loyal to new Red Sox GM Ben Cherington as the reason for his decision.

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