Lee MacPhail being reassigned in organization (with quotes)

Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette confirmed today that director of professional scouting Lee MacPhail IV will be reassigned within the organization.

MacPhail will be given a major league scouting position, according to Duquette, who passed along the news to reporters during a conference call to introduce Gary Rajsich as the new director of scouting.

MacPhail’s duties included overseeing professional scouting, advance scouting and major league video coaching. He also went on the road for special scouting assignments. He was named to the position on Oct. 30, 2007.

Duquette said that he might not hire a replacement who would inherit the title previously held by MacPhail, who’s the nephew of former Orioles executive Andy MacPhail.

Duquette stressed more than once that the Orioles would have “sufficient” staffing at all levels of the organization, including international scouting. Other changes are coming, including outside hires and perhaps more reassignments from within the organization.

“We will make other changes to the staff to make sure we are strong, not just in amateur scouting, but at all levels,” Duquette said.

MacPhail said it’s “too early to tell” what he’ll be asked to do next season.

“For me, I’m comfortable with whatever assignment is forthcoming, and whatever Dan wants the structure to be, I’ll accept it,” MacPhail said. “I’m happy to be an Oriole, I am an Oriole and I want to stay here and do whatever is asked at this juncture.

“With each person you work for, they may want a different structure. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this type of situation. It’s still ‘scout’ on my title and it’s still ‘scout’ on my business card, and I’ll go out there and try to find players.

“Whatever my marching orders are, I accept them and I’ll move forward.”

MacPhail also said he thought Rajsich was “an excellent hire.”

“He’ll be an asset to the organization. He’s a very good scout.”

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