Reynolds as a trade chip?

I have a hot date later today - with my couch to watch football. I may shower first, but it’s a game-time decision.

The GM meetings take place later this week in Milwaukee. They’re sort of an appetizer for the Winter Meetings. Executives talk trades, gauge the parameters and agree to resume discussions the following month - this time in Dallas.

I wonder if Mark Reynolds’ name will come up.

I’ve heard that at least one executive who interviewed for the president of baseball operations job considered Reynolds to be his top trade chip.

The logic went something like this: Reynolds would be easier for the Orioles to surrender than Adam Jones, a past All-Star and Gold Glove winner. He would bring something in return and his home runs aren’t worth the strikeouts, errors and low batting average.

Reynolds led the Orioles in homers (37), RBIs (86), walks (75), runs scored (84) and OPS (.806). He also batted .221 with 196 strikeouts and committed 31 errors.

Five of those errors came at first base, where he looked more comfortable after moving across the diamond.

The Orioles hold an $11 million option on Reynolds’ contract for 2013. He isn’t eligible to become a free agent until the following year, which was part of his appeal when they traded for him last winter. And he’s only 28.

It’s hard for me to say whether I’d shop him without knowing who would replace him at first or third base. I’m fine with Reynolds at first. I’m not sold on Chris Davis, and there’s no reason to think he’s definitely the answer at either corner. He’s still trying to establish himself as an everyday player in the majors.

It might happen. It might not happen. If you’ve got a crystal ball, please ship it to me. I’ll get off my couch to answer the door.

You can’t pencil Josh Bell at third base unless you’ve decided to just run the “kids” out there at certain positions and see if they fall on their faces.

I don’t know what Reynolds would bring in return. Depends on the team and how he’s viewed outside this organization. The Diamondbacks gladly took relievers David Hernandez and Kam Mickokio. They didn’t think the home runs were worth it, either. And Mickolio reportedly is headed to Japan after appearing in only six games.

Anyway, we’ve debated whether the Orioles should part with Jones while his value is high and he’s still two years away from free agency. May as well toss Reynolds into the discussion.

At least one GM candidate was willing to go there.

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