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True confession: I left the power cord to my laptop at the MASN studio in Hunt Valley last night, which means I’ll have to power-write this blog entry before my computer dies.

The one day that I don’t have to drive to Hunt Valley ... I’ll have to drive to Hunt Valley.

Welcome to my world.

Anyway, you know that the Orioles need a veteran starting pitcher and you know they’re not going to hand out a long-term contract and spend mega-bucks on one, so how can they bulk up the rotation?

They’ll explore trades and try to sign one to a lesser deal. And I’m not talking about a Justin Duchscherer low-risk, high-reward special.

Even though bench help appears to be the first area that the Orioles will address, it’s really not their No. 1 priority. That would be the rotation. Utility infielders and a backup catcher just happen to be the spots that can most quickly be filled.

Look for the pitching rumors to increase by the winter meetings.

Aaron Hill and Mark Ellis were two second basemen who intrigued the Orioles a few months ago. Now they’re off the free-agent board.

Just when you thought that former Orioles pitcher Sidney Ponson was retired, we find out that his agents are making the rounds. They met yesterday with the Oakland Athletics, according to one report.

I would love to check out his return to Camden Yards, and the video tribute that I’m sure would accompany it.

Can someone please explain to me why Ryne Sandberg isn’t a candidate for the Cubs’ managing job? I mean, if Robin Ventura and Mike Matheny can land gigs ...

Can someone please confirm that the son of former Orioles catcher Mickey Tettleton is the starting quarterback for Ohio University?

Yep, that would be Tyler Tettleton.

Nope, I can’t confirm his favorite breakfast cereal.

The Orioles have some interest in Japanese outfielder Norichika Aoki of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, who turns 30 in January, has a .329 lifetime average and is a three-time Central League batting champion. But he may not be any better than other outfielders in the system, according to one person I checked with earlier this week.

The Orioles like Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish. So do a lot of other teams. You know how this works. It all depends on what it will cost to win the rights to negotiate with him and sign him.

I’m thinking that $100 million might be extreme.

According to reports, the Mets aren’t shopping third baseman David Wright, the Reds aren’t shopping first baseman Joey Votta and the Rays aren’t looking to trade a pitcher. But we’ll still come up with pretend deals because it’s the hot stove season.

I have to run an errand. Be back soon.

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