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DALLAS - As of 4:30 p.m., the Orioles hadn’t met with the agent for outfielder/DH Manny Ramirez.

Or should that be DH/outfielder?

Anyway, the Orioles aren’t dismissing the idea of pursing Ramirez.

“I don’t think we’re in a position to completely close the door on anything,” manager Buck Showalter said. “I don’t think we’re far enough along with anything to say that’s in, that’s out, but we’ll see.”

The Orioles have held internal discussions about Ramirez, but “not in depth,” Showalter said.

“I think everybody is aware there’s been some speculation about him coming back. I guess it’s more than speculation. But I think everybody this time of year kicks the tires on everything to see how things will fit for them.”

Showalter spoke with new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine earlier today, but he still doesn’t know whether the club will let Demarlo Hale out of his contract so he can coach third base for the Orioles.

“DeMarlo is a friend of mine,” Showalter said. “He’s very well respected in the game of baseball. He’s well thought of. Bobby and I have talked some, since he got back, finally hooked up when I wanted to congratulate him. I know Bobby and I consider him a friend. And to say that the name didn’t come up, we discussed it. Both of us want what’s best for our club and for DeMarlo. He’s a professional. He’s a good human being.”

Showalter also was asked about Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish.

“I don’t know, other than watching reports and seeing him pitch,” Showalter said. “You can see where people would be excited to potentially have him if he comes out.

Showalter is impressed with Darvish’s repertoire and “good, clean delivery.”

“You look at things that will play,” he said. “I think he has a pitch to put people away with, and just the pure stuff and the command. He has a good presentation, something you don’t see all the time.

Is Darvish the kind of pitcher Showalter wants executive vice president Dan Duquette to sign?

“I’ll take him,” Showalter replied.

Just one catch, of course.

“Is he coming for free?” Showalter asked. “I don’t think so.”

And finally, still no interest in catcher Jason Varitek. I can’t believe the Orioles are still fielding questions about him.

“I think where we are with (Taylor) Teagarden and some other things we’re trying to do, I think we’re in good shape right now,” Showalter said. “We’re still trying for add to that depth. But no. I’m sure somebody will be very happy with Jason. Maybe Boston. But right now, it’s not a fit for us, but who knows? We like Teagarden, what he can bring for us in the capacity we’re going to use him.”

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