Orioles’ international efforts return to Korea

While addressing fans during this morning’s forum for season ticket holders, executive vice president Dan Duquette causally mentioned that the Orioles signed the top amateur pitcher in Korea three days ago - a 17-year-old left-hander who wasn’t identified by name.

I stored the information in the back of my mind - the front was much too crowded - until I was freed up to do more research. I had no time today with all the FanFest commitments and constant blog updates.

Coincidentally, a tweet from @MyKBO tonight read as follows:

“MLB: The Orioles sign another Korean player, left-hand pitcher Kim Sung-min (Daegu).”

The news broke a few hours earlier, and I skillfully connected the dots and determined that Duquette was referring to Sung-min.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on him besides how he’s the top-ranked high school pitcher in Korea. A search on the names Kim Sung-min and Kim Seong-min take me to a Korean actor who was arrested in December 2010 for possession of Methamphetamine. Wrong guy.

I used Google to translate an article into gibberish:

[OSEN = sonchanik News] High School left-hander this season, ranking No. 1 is regarded gimseongmin (cod sangwongo second grade), the American Professional Baseball (MLB) is joined to the Baltimore Orioles. Yet another challenge bikrigeo’s 2012 season, the first challenge is the prospect.

Results of two chwijaehan gimseongmin OSEN its 18 cod mocheo joined in Baltimore to meet with officials confirmed that the contract was sealed. Specific terms and conditions are unknown, but was known as gimseongmin a satisfactory level. Gimseongmin as early as next month will cross over to the United States was reported.

179cm 82kg gimseongmin the official tournament of the year to build up to the fastball up to 144km per hour speed constraints were taken on cases. And curves, keotpaeseuteubol, byeonhwagu power of such remarkable circle changeup. Freshman pitcher who was active from the time axis as the ability to operate a decent game. More than anything on the mound is a maximum strength fat guts.

Last year’s 66th National High School Baseball Championship this week cheongryonggi wangjungwang Testament League President and the weekend alone, three wins (0.00 earned run average) and the winner of the match led to his alma mater. His mokyieotda MVP. And for three days from December 25, held in Taipei, Taiwan Japan, Taiwan, South Korea three countries have been chosen to coach high school baseball tournament.

Baltimore uniform SUFFERED gimseongmin their Myspace “with success and so shall everyone says she can not, but to me about the success of goals and an obsession because it best’re so shall The body, though in the distance, but a lot of attention and cheer please get in “she said testimony.

Meanwhile, the arms inside gimseongmin Baltimore expected to spur South Korea signings. Close to par with the well-known leader Dan dyuket Baltimore jeongdaehyeon (Lotte pitcher) of the former agent who worked as chief scout Ray poyiteubinteu Baltimore are watching a high school prospect.

Director dyuket the Baltimore area through interviews with the media “has a contract with Korean pitcher Choi, iron, because we enhance the team’s pitching for them to sign a pitcher like South Korea,” he has said.

Boston Red Sox days, as well as in the gimseonwoo jojinho, who recruited yisanghun dyuket captain, “Boston pitchers era brought from Korea, many people,” he later hinted recruit physicians. Major League Baseball club’s probably from air raids early on before the season began.

Anyway, the Orioles apparently signed a 17-year-old high school pitcher from Korea who’s rated as its top amateur. And unlike Chong Tae-Hyon, he won’t change his mind.

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