A few comments from Showalter after 6-1 loss

SARASOTA, Fla. - I’m still waiting for the Orioles to send out the names of the players who were involved in the first round of cuts.

There won’t be any major surprises. Maybe one name will make you say, “Wow, already?” But I’ll wait until it’s official.

So what did manager Buck Showalter think of left-hander Dana Eveland today?

“You can see why he’s had some success, but as you move up levels, there’s a fine line,” Showalter said. “He does things that allowed him to have success in the past, but it’s a game of consistency. He just wasn’t real consistent with his location today. He wasn’t in the strike zone where he needed to be.”

What did Showalter think of Kevin Gregg in the B game and has he settled on the closer and set-up roles?

“We’re still looking at all the options and we’ll separate that before too long, but I’m not going to push that,” Showalter said. “We’ll wait and see how everybody’s health is. It seems like we have something every day that makes you reevaluate it a little bit. But we’re getting right into that area in spring training where it’s not the dog days of spring, but from here until you start to see the finish line, you’ll see a lot of things kind of going up and down.”

Gregg is making more adjustments this spring, changing his angle to the plate, his plane, by changing where he stands on the mound. And hopefully, getting ahead of more hitters.

“There aren’t many guys on our club who have a track record of doing some things in our division,” Showalter said. “He’s certainly experienced at it.”

What did Showalter think of Chris Tillman?

“I thought Tillman threw the ball well today,” he said. “It’s good to see him come in there and reach back. I thought he attacked the strike zone, his fastball. Last year, he’d come out there and be 88, 90, and he was frustrated, and all of a sudden it pops up. His delivery has been more consistent, throwing the ball downhill, and the fastball has allowed him to do some other things.

“Chris is not scared. Chris is a competitor. I like a lot of things about him. This guy competes. There’s a lot more to it than may meet the eye with some people.

“There’s a little different look about him as far as...there’s not any deer in the headlights with him. I think he knows the gig and you can tell he’s a lot more comfortable in this environment. Now, it’s just about pitching better. He’s one of our younger guys in camp and I think he’s grown a lot from last year to this year.

“It’s not all about working out over the winter. That’s certainly part of it, but otherwise everybody would just go to the gym and pitch. But Chris mentally, you can tell he’s got a little different air about him.”

Matt Lindstrom (back) will have to throw a bullpen session before pitching in a game again.

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