Reimold and Teagarden updates (and Phillies lineup)

SARASOTA, Fla. - Nolan Reimold has so much swelling on the left side of his face, it looks like he stuffed a grapefruit in his jaw or went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Reimold is fine besides the swelling and a chipped tooth in the back of his mouth. The Alex Cobb fastball that drilled him in the face yesterday didn’t break any bones. And much to Reimold’s relief, he didn’t lose any teeth, which seemed to be his primary concern.

“I feel pretty good besides being swollen up,” he said. “Sitting here doesn’t hurt. Opening and closing my mouth is a little bit difficult because of the swelling, but that’s it.”

Reimold never lost consciousness, and a CT scan taken at a Port Charlotte hospital came back negative. He hopes to play in a few days once the swelling goes down.

“I wasn’t knocked out or anything,” he said.

“I thought for sure something was wrong because I knew it hit me pretty square, right in the face. They checked all my teeth when I was on the ground. No broken bones, no nothing. Just caught me right in the meat of the jaw. I guess I was pretty lucky. Just right in that one spot where there’s meat in the face.”

Reimold said he watched the replay this morning after requesting that the team e-mail it to him “so I could send it to people.”

“I did my normal stride toward the plate, saw it coming and turned my head,” he said. “I guess I gave way a little bit, but it caught up to me and caught me right in the face. Fastball that rode up and in.”

Reimold was instructed to stay on the ground while head athletic trainer Richie Bancells checked his neck and spine, and made sure he hadn’t lost any teeth.

“I could get up and stuff,” Reimold said. “The funny thing was, I didn’t see any stars or anything like that. I knew it wasn’t like head or anything like that. I was just right in the jaw. My teeth were all there, except for little bits of the back one.”

Reimold cracked himself up with that last comment. It must not hurt to laugh.

Cobb and Reimold are represented by the same agency. Reimold instructed his representative to let Cobb know that he was all right and “it’s nobody’s fault.”

“He wasn’t trying to hit me,” Reimold said. “It was a fastball and it just moved up and in. If my face wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have hit me. He didn’t try to do it, obviously. I just said, ‘Relay the message,’ and I’m sure he did. Nothing to feel bad about.”

Sleeping on his left side wasn’t an issue last night, but Reimold said he tried to eat a cheeseburger and “it didn’t go so well. Gave up and went to the milkshake.”

Meanwhile, catcher Taylor Teagarden estimated that he could be sidelined another four or five days with lower-back stiffness. Teagarden tweaked his back in the weight room and didn’t make yesterday’s trip to Port Charlotte. X-rays were negative.

“I was doing some workouts the other day and it just grabbed,” he said. “I’ve never had a back problem before so I was kind of surprised.”

Teagarden isn’t worried that the discomfort is a setback because he doesn’t expect to miss more than a week.

“I want to get in as many games as I can and catch these guys, so that aspect is frustrating,” he said.

For the Phillies:
Jimmy Rollins SS
Placido Polanco 3B
Shane Victorino CF
Jim Thome DH
Hunter Pence RF
Ty Wigginton 1B
John Mayberry Jr. LF
Freddy Galvis 2B
Tuffy Gosewisch C

Joe Blanton RHP

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