Today’s lineups

SARASOTA, Fla, - For the Orioles:
Endy Chavez RF
Matt Antonelli 2B
Nick Johnson DH
Wilson Betemit 1B
Joe Mahoney LF
Taylor Teagarden C
Ryan Flaherty SS
Josh Bell 3B
Xavier Avery CF

Alfredo Simon RHP

You’ll notice that Mahoney is playing left field. Go get it, Big Irish. Also, Flaherty has a chance to show that he’s adept at playing shortstop.

The Orioles are supposed to take three “regulars” on every trip, but teams always dance around that unwritten rule. I’m not sure who qualifies in this lineup.

I’ll go with Chavez, Johnson and Betemit. How is MLB supposed to know who’s starting for the Orioles on opening day?

For the Rays:
Brignac SS
Upton CF
Zobrist 2B
Joyce DH
Keppinger 1B
Molina C
Mangini 3B
Johnson RF
Guyer LF

Davis RHP

I’ll pass along the lineups for tonight’s game once they’ve been posted.

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