A few words from Showalter

Manager Buck Showalter told reporters that Nolan Reimold remains day-to-day with neck stiffness.

“He was in yesterday for treatment,” Showalter said. “It’s getting better little by little. The problem is playing has set him back. He’s OK for maybe half to three-fourths of the game, and then as the game goes on, it gets worse. When you have that type of spasm, you also have a strain, the way I understand it, so we’re trying to resolve it completely so the game doesn’t set him back to square one.

“Could I push the envelope and play him tonight? Probably. But it bothers him throwing as much as anything, and as the game goes on, it gets worse. I’m going to try to keep him out of that. I’m hoping it resolves itself very shortly.”

Does Showalter remain confident that Reimold can avoid a trip to the disabled list?

“Two or three days ago, for sure, and I still feel confident about that. But there’s been some improvement, but not at the rate you would expect,” Showalter said.

“In an emergency, I can put Nolan out there, but I’m trying to keep from doing that.”

Mark Reynolds spent 30 minutes taking early batting practice with hitting coach Jim Presley.

“I want Ryan (Flaherty) to get a start, and I also want Mark to just step back for a day or two. We’ll see,” Showalter said. “I just want him to take a breather mentally and really focus on some things he wants to get better at.

“There are some things he’s doing differently and it’s things he’s already been made aware of, but it’s been tough to take it over in the game. It’s just a different level of emotion and mentality. He’s been reverting to them very quickly, but once he gets it going, he’ll be a contributor for us.

“They’re not a bunch of robots. Every player has a different dynamic going on in his life and the way they’re wired. All those different things don’t show. That’s where coaching and knowing your people come into play. And I do think that Mark, because his want-to is so strong, that it kind of gets in the way. A lot of the pitches that he’s trying to defend are balls. It’s kind of like foul balls. We don’t put anybody in foul territory because it doesn’t hurt us.”

Showalter said the Orioles discussed signing infielder Bill Hall last year. They inked him to a minor league deal yesterday and he’ll report to Triple-A Norfolk.

“He’s a guy who’s very versatile, can play a lot of positions and has always handled left-handed pitching, too,” Showalter said. “I saw him some in spring training over in spring training with the Yankees and he was a late cut there. I know he had an opportunity to go to Scranton/Batavia, and decided to wait for a little different offer.

“I like it. I like having Billy down there and seeing where he is in his career. He’s still only 32. He’s a baseball player. He can play in a lot of different places, and he’s the type of inventory that you always want to have your Triple-A club about. I know they’re having a little trouble scoring runs down there, too.”

Left-hander Dontrelle Willis is filing a grievance against the Orioles after being placed on the restricted list - news that was first reported by ESPN.com.

Showalter was asked about the Willis controversy and replied, “I’m sure they’ll sort it out. Dan (Duquette) and I talked about it a little bit last night on the plane. It’ll get resolved. Sounds like that’s Dontrelle’s decision. Maybe his agent’s. I hope so.”

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