Hammel through seven innings (no-hitter ends)

Jason Hammel has allowed two baserunners in seven innings today, walking Josh Willingham in the second and Justin Morneau leading off the fifth. He’s faced the minimum number of batters because he’s gotten two double plays.

The Twins are beating the ball into the ground. Hammel has induced 14 ground balls for 16 outs, counting the double plays. He’s also struck out three.

That leaves two fly balls - none since the second inning.

The Orioles continue to lead, 3-0, as Hammel takes the mound for the top of the eighth. He’s thrown 77 pithces, 48 for strikes.

No one is stirring in the bullpen, and I’m guessing that no one is talking to Hammel in the dugout.

Update: Justin Morneau doubled to right field leading off the top of the eighth, and he scored on Willingham’s double. The no-hitter and shutout are gone.

Now the Orioles are trying to hold a 3-1 lead.

Kevin Gregg is warming in the bullpen.

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