Hearing from Hunter and Strop

The Orioles are 8-1 when their starter goes six innings or more. Tommy Hunter lasted six innings tonight and got the win.

“We got a win” he said. “I’m happy about that. You move on and you go back to the bullpen and go to work.”

Hunter was fast to credit the bullpen, saying, “Those were solid, those were solid at the end of the game. Those guys came in and it was quick and it was effective and they got the job done. Tip your cap to those guys. They’ve been good all year and hopefully they continue to do it.”

So what was the difference between here and Chicago, besides the wind?

“Got a couple key outs. That was basically it,” Hunter said. “I still got myself into a few more jams than I would have liked, letting guys get on base for free. That’s not good, it’s not fun, it’s not me, but we’re going to move on. We got a win. I’m happy about that, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve got some things to do. I’ll get better.

“The line score read a lot differently than how I’d put my outing, but whenever you can say that and look back and see a W standing next to your name, you’ve got to be happy with it. Just go to work and get better.”

Pedro Strop was all smiles tonight after recording his first major league save.

“It’s amazing. First major league save. It feels good,” he said.

“I have the baseball.”

Strop was the closer because Jim Johnson was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms.

“When I first got to the ballpark, I heard that J.J. was in the hospital,” Strop said. “In my mind, I’m saying, ‘You might be the guy,’ because I wasn’t sure. We have a lot of guys in the bullpen that can do the job, but I was just preparing if I got an opportunity. I got an opportunity and I got it done.”

So what’s the difference between pitching the eighth and ninth innings?

“It’s like, you’re worried that it’s the last inning,” Strop said. “You’re worried that you have only a one-run lead. You’re worried that the game depends on you. It’s on you, so there’s a little bit more pressure.

“It’s the same because in the eighth inning, the game is on you. A little bit more pressure, but you need to be able to control that.”

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