Davis breaks down his home run

Though Chris Davis has a history with broken-bat home runs, tonight’s wood-shattering blast didn’t come with any excuses. This one was legit.

Davis said he’s done it before, “but it was in a Cracker Jack park and basically just a wind-aided home run. The bat didn’t blow up. It cracked. I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m just glad it left the ballpark and got a few more runs.

“It’s one of those crazy things. There’s always crazy things gong on in this game. To be honest with you, I went back and looked at it and I hit it on the bottom of the barrel. I probably cracked it earlier in the at-bat. I’m not sure.

“I’m actually kind of surprised I broke the bat. I didn’t expect it to go out, but that’s the way it goes.”

Davis said he was “just shocked more than anything.” He wasn’t the only one in the ballpark.

“To take a swing and more than half the team is on the floor in the dugout, you don’t expect that ball to go out of the ballpark,” he said.

The offense did something else unique tonight: It supported Jake Arrieta.

“The biggest thing is Jake filling in,” Davis said. “It was a tough spot for him to come in, to kind of be thrown in there. He pitched outstanding and gave us a chance to be comfortable at the plate. We obviously swung the bat well. We swung the bat throughout the entire lineup.

“I’m proud of Jake for battling and going out there and really shutting them down.”

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