Jones recap and draft prediction (corrected)

BOSTON - It’s cold and raining in Boston today. I’m told it will be cold and raining for the rest of the week.

Today might not be the last day off for the Orioles on this trip.

In case you missed the Adam Jones update from earlier today, which is attached to a previous blog entry, MRIs taken on both hands and wrists came back negative. He’s got contusions - or bruises, to you and me - and is expected to play tomorrow night if the weather allows it.

Jones and Nick Markakis were examined by hand specialist Dr. Brian Schofield in Sarasota. Hopefully, the Orioles got a two-for-one discount. Markakis’ right wrist is healing nicely following surgery to remove a broken piece of his hamate bone.

Jones’ left wrist was sore after being hit by a Brandon Morrow fastball in Toronto. His right wrist has been sore for a few weeks, and he aggravated it with an awkward half-slide, half-lunge into first base yesterday at Tropicana Field.

Manager Buck Showalter removed Jones for a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning as a precaustion.

OK, as for the First-Year Player Draft, I’m guessing that the Orioles use the fourth overall pick on LSU pitcher Kevin Gausman.

I’m choosing Gausman over San Francisco pitcher Kyle Zimmer, though the Orioles certainly could take the right-hander after executive vice president Dan Duquette scouted him a while ago. They both possess mid-to-upper 90s fastballs. Gausman just seems to be a little ahead of Zimmer right now.

The Orioles would pounce on high school outfielder Byron Buxton, but the Twins are widely projected to take him at No. 2 after the Astros select Stanford pitcher Mark Appel.

The Mariners are the wild card here - and they should enjoy this rare opportunity to be one - because they’re picking third and could shake up the board by passing on Florida catcher Mark Zunino.

I say they take Zunino, leaving the Orioles to choose between Gausman and Zimmer.

The Orioles also are intrigued by Puerto Rican shortstop Carlos Correa - so is everyone else - and high school left-hander Max Fried.

It makes sense to take a college pitcher, someone who can get to the majors in a hurry. And no reaches here. Gausman or Zimmer will be on the board. It’s quite possible that they’ll both be available.

I’ll go with Gausman.

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