Showalter talks about Chavez and Reimold (O’s trail 1-0)

Endy Chavez wanted to avoid going on the disabled list June 14, and he insisted that his sore hamstring would be fully healed before his 15 days were up.

Ten days later, the reports on him out of Sarasota aren’t encouraging.

“Endy’s about the same,” manager Buck Showalter said. “It’s been a real slow process with his hamstring.”

Nolan Reimold will undergo surgery tomorrow morning at The Johns Hopkins Hospital to remove a herniated disk from his cervical spine and fuse the vertebrae.

“Big day for Nolan tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers,” Showalter said. “It’s a two-hour surgery, going through the front. Hope everything goes well and hope they find what they hope to find that can solve the problem. What they think they’re going to find. It’s one thing to think and do all the tests.

“The best neurosurgeons in the country weighed in, and everybody seems to agree with what the best procedure is. I know there were three or four different opinions of top guys who felt like this was the best route to take, so hope they get in there and find what they think they’re going to find, and they’re able to get him headed on the road to recovery. So that’s what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow morning. He’s got a big day ahead of him personally and career-wise.”

Showalter mentioned how Triple-A Norfolk outfielders Xavier Avery, Lew Ford and Jamie Hoffman were all options if the Orioles needed to bring up a hitter. He also mentioned how L.J. Hoes “has really gotten it going the last three or four days.” Avery is the only one on the 40-man roster.

Jake Arrieta has tossed two scoreless innings today, allowing a single to Bryce Harper in the first inning and Danny Espinosa in the second. He’s already thrown 35 pitches.

Update: Ryan Zimmerman ended a 5-for-49 skid with an RBI single in the third inning. Arrieta had his first clean inning in the fourth. He’s thrown 72 pitches.

The Orioles have one hit off Ross Detwiler, a one-out single by Steve Tolleson in the third inning.

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