Showalter speaks after 7-3 loss

A rain delay that lasted more than three hours tonight provided a convenient excuse for the Orioles if they chose to reach for it.

Manager Buck Showalter’s arms aren’t that long.

“It was a challenging night and they did a better job with it than we did,” Showalter said after the Orioles lost to the Royals 7-3 at Camden Yards. “It was impressive that Tilly (Chris Tillman) fought his way through five-plus. Usually, three or four runs, you can hold them right there. I thought giving up the fifth and sixth were big. Kind of takes you out of any offensive scheme a little bit. (Luis) Mendoza did a great job of pounding the zone.

tillman-sidebar-whitenew.jpg“It was a challenge. Their guy did a good job with it. We had two or three times where it looked like we were going to be able to start, and then we had a bunch of cells keep popping up. Just hard to predict, being this close to the bay. You guys have been here. Weather comes and goes, so it’s nobody’s fault. I feel bad for the fans that toughed it out that we weren’t able to play better, especially on Eddie’s day. It was a big day for the organization.”

Tillman was charged with six runs in 5 2/3 innings, though two scored after he left the game. He served up three home runs.

“He didn’t get many counts in his favor,” Showalter said. “You’ve seen the numbers out there. A young, aggressive club and that’s right up their alley.”

Mendoza took a shutout into the seventh before being charged with three runs.

“We had two hitters who had faced him,” Showalter said. “It was a good matchup for him when we’re down 4-0 that quick. He’s got a good, live fastball and he trusted it. We hit four or five balls on the button.

“Same ballpark, same rain delay, same weather conditions. They did a better job with it than we did.

“We’ve just got to keep it a little closer early on. We had a couple chances to get back in, but we hit some balls at them there. The shortstop is really impressive for them, and of course the catcher. Some good young players. You can see why Kansas City’s so excited about their club as they go forward.”

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