Saunders makes Orioles history

ARLINGTON, Texas - The alarm on my phone jolted me from a deep sleep, one that lasted under three hours.

My champagne-soaked clothes are stuffed in a bag inside my suitcase. I look forward to unleashing that aroma once I’m back in Sykesville.

I’ll be filing blog entries from Camden Yards later today. The Orioles are holding a workout that Adam Jones wished would be open to the public. He’s champing at the bit to play in front of a capacity crowd at Camden Yards.

What’s one more day?

Jones provided one of the lasting images from last night, which I mentioned in a previous entry. While his teammates were creating quite a scene inside the clubhouse, he stood alone in a hallway, staring at nothing in particular, seeking a quiet moment to reflect on what the Orioles had just accomplished. Wishing he could share it with fans in Baltimore. And agreeing with me - after I interrupted that moment with a congratulatory handshake - that there’s more to do.

The Orioles had taken another step, but they hadn’t reached the end.

Before I head to the Dallas airport, I wanted to pass along an item that might have gotten lost in the craziness:

According to Elias, left-hander Joe Saunders is the first pitcher in Orioles franchise history to win a winner-take-all postseason game.

That’s incredibly hard to believe, but Saunders is the first.

You could win a lot of bets with that one.

See you back in Baltimore.

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