More from Duquette on Earl Weaver

Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette shared his thoughts on Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver, who passed away last night at 82.

“I have to be grateful that Earl was with us for the legends series and we got a chance to spend time with him, like every single statue unveiling,” Duquette said. “He was terrific and his simplicity and the clarity of his leadership and his passion for baseball, he’s unmatched. And he’s a treasure for the Orioles and we’re so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with him this year.

“Earl was just a classic. He didn’t let you wait too long to let you know where you stood with him. What a great, great baseball man and a legend in Baltimore. He leaves a terrific legacy of winning baseball with the Orioles and we’re so thankful to have him with the Orioles and grateful for his contributions. Sad to go, but he has a legacy which will live on.”

Asked what he learned from Weaver, Duquette replied, “That baseball isn’t complicated. It’s a simple game. You pitch, you have good defense at every position, you catch it and you hit the ball over the fence. I mean, it’s pretty simple. And a couple of the tenets we follow, great Weaver tenets - put all your resources into today’s game and worry about tomorrow’s game tomorrow - that was a hallmark of this past year’s team and will be part of the Orioles tradition. And of course, his passion, his unfailing passion to do everything he could to win a ballgame. That, to me, is what Earl Weaver was all about.”

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