Quick Showalter contract update

Since I’ve been asked about it many times over the past few days, I just wanted to pass along that the Orioles aren’t expected to announce manager Buck Showalter’s contract extension before next week.

The original plan called for the Orioles to confirm the new deal early this week, but busy schedules on both sides have caused a slight delay. There hasn’t been a glitch or a setback. It’s still going to get done.

It’s just not likely to happen as quickly as anticipated.

Showalter recently flew down to Sarasota to check out the Ed Smith Stadium complex, with spring training starting earlier than normal because of the World Baseball Classic. He’s also been going back and forth between his homes in Baltimore and Dallas. Factor in owner Peter Angelos’ various commitments, and it’s going to take a little longer than expected.

The extension, believed to be for three years, is pretty much in place. But unless something changes, we won’t get confirmation this week.

Stand down.

FanFest won’t be held until Jan. 19 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The Orioles figure to make the announcement before the event.

So, about that BCS national championship game ...

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