Notes and quotes off today’s workout

SARASOTA, Fla. - Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he used “every piece of the facility” for today’s workout. All of the mounds and cages. All of the equipment. Every field was occupied.

“We needed every piece to get done what we needed to do,” he said.

Showalter watched Jair Jurrjens warm up before the right-hander’s first bullpen session with the Orioles.

“I just wanted to see him throw,” Showalter said. “I saw him from the other dugout, so I’ve got a little something to measure it against. Just watching.

“We’re at the point now where we’re seeing if he’s favoring the knee or whatever. Rick (Adair) and I were talking about getting some tape pulled up when he was right and when he was struggling and see what the difference is. See how the knee may have affected his mechanics.

“This guy at one time had outstanding command. Most of the problems he had can be traced to the issues he had with his knee. So we’ll see.”

Showalter repeated that he wants to lower J.J. Hardy from the second slot in the order.

“I wanted to last year,” Showalter said. “I think his skill set serves him better and our team better somewhere else, but I’m not committed to that yet. Just like last year, he was our best option there and he did a good job for us. But I think we could put him in a better position to do what he does best if I can get him down some. It’s one of the things I’m hoping we feel comfortable doing when we break here.”

Brian Roberts will be making some road trips this spring while building up his at-bats and attempting to prove that he can stay healthy.

“He’ll have a pair of gray pants in his locker, unlike some of our guys,” Showalter said.

“He wants to play as much as I’m willing to play him. We’re going to emphasize the last seven to 10 days. I’m not going to beat him up. He’s still getting ready for the season. But he’ll get more at-bats than he normally does in the spring.”

Showalter said Russ Canzler also will play the outfield this spring.

“You ask what the lineup’s going to be against right-handed pitchers and what’s it going to be against left-handed pitchers,” Showalter said. “We’ve got a spot there for a good right-handed bat and he’s in that competition. If you look at his minor league numbers and a small sampling in the big leagues, he’s done well against left-handed pitching. It’s one of the things we looked at when we signed a lot of these guys.”

Adam Jones will leave camp after the March 2 workout to join Team USA for the World Baseball Classic.

Catcher Allan de San Miguel’s last day is Feb. 22, infielder Jonathan Schoop Feb. 23, catcher Chris Robinson March 2 and reliever Pedro Strop and bullpen coach Bill Castro March 3.

Showalter enjoyed the mini-donut prank that the Orioles pulled on Kevin Gausman.

“Somebody told him not to come in until 8 o’clock,” Showalter said. “Of course, I walked by him and said, ‘You’re late, son. Where have you been?’

“They’re not letting him up for much air. I don’t know if they were that tough on (Dylan) Bundy. He loves it, though.”

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