Showalter speaks following 8-5 win

BOSTON - Orioles manager Buck Showalter spent about seven minutes with reporters following tonight’s 8-5 victory over the Boston Red Sox. Here’s a sampling:

“Chris (Davis) gave us a little hope there, but our guys battled. A really nasty night to play. It’s very easy to give in, but it was a battle and I’m real proud of them. Their bullpen is something. To be able to string together an inning like that... Jake (Arrieta) kept us in the game. A little frustrating for him. He had good stuff again. When you know a guy’s capable of better... I’m not going to dwell on it. He wasn’t the only one who wasn’t perfect. Not many of those walking around. In fact, there’s none of them.

“Jimmy (Johnson) coming in there making it a three up, three down in this ballpark and that part of the order is why he is what he is.

“What are we, eight games in? There’s an ebb and flow to the baseball season. The last thing they want to think is that you’re living... You try to stay in the moment, but you also make sure they know you’ve got a memory of what they’re capable of. It’s hard to do what they do every night. That’s why we play the games, that’s why you’ve got to get 27 outs. It’s a challenge. There’s so many lures there to give in. I know for sure our guys aren’t going to give in.”

(On whether Ryan Flaherty can relax now and if he was pressing earlier)
“Sure he was. He was pressing second at-bat of the season. That’s what they do. You press. Some people handle it. Ryan’s always going to be more. You don’t ever have to worry about the want-to or the caring. He’s established himself as a guy who’s capable of playing at this level, just like a lot of guys. Manny (Machado). Everybody’s trying to find their way and find their step early in the season and settle in. I try to stay mindful of that.”

(On whether the rally tonight reminded him of last season)
“No. I think there was just some calmness and professionalism to those at-bats, and during the game, too. They’re good pitchers and they’re good competitors and that’s why people want their services. We’ll get a chance to savor from here to about the time we get to the hotel, and we’ve got to do it again and again and again and again.”

(On avoiding another one- or two-run loss)
“Nobody in the clubhouse pays attention. An L is an L and a W is a W. You win by three or one, you lose by one, it’s as good as 100. It’s something people will talk about and I understand it makes for good fodder, but nobody pays attention to it.”

(On whether the wild pitch changed the dynamic of Machado’s at-bat in ninth)
“I’d like to think Manny would’ve put the same type of swing on it. You can see the frustration on his face in the previous at-bats a little bit. It’s because they want to contribute. It’s the reason Ryan and Manny want to contribute. They want to do something for our team. It’s not personal. They want to be a contributor.”

(On the walks by Arrieta still being an issue)
“Oh sure. He knows it, you know it, I know it. So pitch better. Pitcher better. Jake, it’s the same reason why he was frustrated at the end of last year when he wasn’t out there. He wants to contribute. That’s why I feel good about these guys. They want to do better for the right reasons. They want to contribute to our team.”

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