Dickerson update, and Showalter speaks after 3-1 win

Orioles outfielder Chris Dickerson received a cortisone injection in his left shoulder today to speed up his recovery. He took some dry swings and hopes to throw on Friday.

Dickerson still isn’t scheduled to undergo an MRI and remains available in a limited capacity.

Manager Buck Showalter said Dickerson should be “full-go very shortly.”

“He’s had some issues there before that were a lot more of a serious nature, so he’s got a pretty good feel for what he’s dealing with and he said this is nothing like it.” Showalter said.

“I kind of trust him because he knows what he’s dealing with in there. He was available to us tonight in a couple of capacities.

“If we don’t think he can contribute in some factor, at some point, we’ll make an adjustment.”

Meanwhile, starter Miguel Gonzalez gave the Orioles a shot in the arm with his seventh consecutive quality start.

“He’s been pretty consistent and that’s all we’re asking,” Showalter said after the Orioles’ 3-1 win over the Rangers. “It’s asking a lot. Going through major league lineups, especially one like Texas, is difficult. That’s why not many people can do it. We’re hopeful that the five guys we run out there are going to give us a chance and make our bullpen better, shorten up some of the outs we have to get out of the bullpen.

“Miggy was solid. He was carrying a little more fastball tonight. A little late life. And Matt (Wieters) used it. It’s such a timing thing for catchers to figure out when they’re finally speeding the dial up a little bit and start slowing them down with the pitch selection.

“Miggy’s very athletic. And it allows you to repeat a delivery. It also allows you to have command if you get out of sync a little bit. Athletic starting pitchers have a way of giving themselves a chance to have success. And I think that’s what Miggy... People don’t realize he’s a strong guy for his size. He spent a lot of time in the offseason really trying to get himself ready for the long race here.”

Chris Davis was in a 1-for-24 slump with 13 strikeouts before homering in the second inning against his former team. He’s been battling a nasty sinus infection since Saturday.

Asked if he sensed that Davis was getting frustrated, Showalter replied, “I don’t know if he’s frustrated. It’s got nothing to do with the Rangers. He’s so far past that and he’s thankful for them giving him a chance to start with. It’s got nothing to do with that. He’s spoiled us at a very high level for a long period of time and did it again tonight.

“I talked to him a couple times, whether he wanted to take a day, but he’s on the back end of it now and we’ve got three, four other guys we’re not going to broadcast. And so does Texas and so does the team coming in. That’s part of what these guys do every day. Not everyone is going to feel 100 percent every day. It doesn’t matter with me because I don’t have to play. Or the coaches. We just get in position to make it as comfortable as we can for them.

“We had one guy tonight who couldn’t pitch. Been sick all day. But I’m not going to broadcast it to the other team.”

Showalter has been diligent about providing extra rest for Gonzalez at every opportunity.

“Every guy’s a little different,” Showalter said. “I know we’ve got three guys that physically it really benefits, and there’s some guys that it’s the other way around. You want to keep the ball in their hand. We do a lot of things with these guys, because when this break’s over, you’re going to take the whip and start beating the horse a little it. You know, it’s that time.”

Brian Roberts hit his first Camden Yards home run since April 4, 2011.

“A big hit,” Showalter said. “Brian turned a big double play for us with a guy right on top of him. I think we tried to start out slowly, a couple days at second, some DH days, and we talked a little bit. He can be a contributor for us, and a big contributor. We missed him. It’s good to have him back and contributing.”

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