Showalter on a variety of topics

Orioles manager Buck Showalter spent about 25 minutes talking to reporters today before turning over the microphone to Bill Castro and Scott McGregor. Here’s a sampling of Showalter’s remarks.

On Kevin Gausman having a sore right forearm:
“They may skip him in the rotation just to keep him out of harm’s way. He feels good. He’s not happy about not pitching, but just had a little soreness. Probably be the last time he ever tells about it. That’s usually how it goes. They don’t seem alarmed about it. There was some give and take about whether they were even going to do it. Plus, we’ve got six starters down there.”

On monitoring Gausman’s innings:
“I just hope we have the innings there. When you look at guys like him and all those guys down there, we’d like to play until the end of October, so you look at it in that capacity so that everybody’s available to us if there’s a need. So far, everybody down there is at an inning count, starters and relievers, where they would be able to pitch for us through October if needed.”

On pitching coach Rick Adair taking a personal leave of absence:
“I think the release had it a personal matter, and when things are personal, that’s what it means. It’s not a matter of closing ranks or whatever. We all have some things in our lives we need to take care of that are more important than this, believe it or not. We’re just fortunate to be in an organization that is willing to do those things and we’re fortunate to have people like Billy and Scott that can make it seamless. It has nothing to do with the job Rick is doing. Rick’s been doing a good job. Just some challenges we all have that we need to take some time and take care of.”

On whether he expects Adair to return this season:
“Hope so. We’ll see. That’s up to how it goes. I’m not going to put a timeframe on that. There but for the grace of God goes all of us. It’s part of life, unfortunately.”

On Castro taking over as pitching coach:
“This is not Billy’s first rodeo. He’s been a pitching coach in the big leagues and has been with us for two years. It seems like yesterday. Billy’s a very talented guy and very adept at the job and job description. Players know him and like him. He’s been part of a reason for our success, just like Rick has. And we’re fortunate to have someone there like Scotty that’s been a jack of all trades for us. He’s been very instrumental last year and this year in the rehab program. Billy’s very capable. We’re in good hands there.”

On whether other candidates were considered for pitching coach:
“I’m not going to get into the timeframe of when it was considered. Obviously, it wasn’t something that happened overnight. We considered a lot of things. This was the most seamless. I can give you three or four guys, but it’d be robbing from Peter to pay Paul. The priority, obviously, is the major league club and the pitching staff and we felt like all things considered this was the best way to go for whatever period of time it is. Yeah, we considered other people, but I think to start naming who else we considered would be a reflection on somebody that maybe we didn’t. So I feel real comfortable, we all do, and the most important thing is that the pitchers feel comfortable with it. I’ve talked to a couple of them today individually and I’ll hit all of them before it’s over.”

On whether he believes that Jim Johnson is still the best closer on the team:
“Yeah. I think we have a lot of options and he’s one of them. We’re lucky to have all those options. Different guys have failure. I know the finality of it and I know the questions should and need to be asked and it’s frustrating for Jimmy and me. I’m frustrated for him. There’s some things we haven’t done in other innings, too, but I understand the finality of that inning. I was frustrated we didn’t score a run for (12) innings. It’s tough. There are a lot of parts that have to work and they have this year. If we had won our last three games instead of lost them... I understand how that works and I live in that same world sometimes with Mississippi State. I’ve got it. I’m a fan, too. I get frustrated. We’re all fans of the Orioles. I’m a fan of the Orioles and I want us to win. If there are adjustments that need to be made along the way, I understand the sense of urgency with 42 games. But I also know we’re still in a position to do what we set out to do this season and we won’t give in.”

On whether Johnson would benefit from getting a few days rest to work through his problems:
“We’ve done that before, three or four times. He’s had as many as five or six and he had three before the last one. There’s some merit to different things. It just depends how you frame it, how I frame it. Some things we’ve discussed. If we decide to do that, there’s not going to be some big announcement. It will be something I’ve talked to people about and you’ll probably know about it when the gate opens. There are a lot of things that have to be done for us to get 27 outs before they score more runs than we do.”

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