Showalter reflects on his Orioles anniversary

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Buck Showalter being introduced as Orioles manager. He was hired as the 19th manager in franchise history on July 29, 2010 and took the helm four days later.

Reminded of the date this afternoon, Showalter reacted as if he had no idea and wasn’t expecting a cake or presents. He’s uncomfortable with the attention. He’d rather have Angel Hernandez behind the plate for the rest of his games.

OK, now I’m exaggerating.

Showalter’s first game was Aug. 3 against the Angels. The Orioles won 6-3, with Jeremy Guthrie allowing three runs and five hits in seven innings. The loser that night? The other Francisco Rodriguez, who gave up three runs and three hits in two-thirds of an inning.

Does it seem like three years have passed since Showalter was introduced as manager?

“Does it seem like an eternity? What are you asking me?” he said, having a little fun with the question.

“That would surprise me when I heard that. It’s going by very fast. We’ve improved. We’ve gotten better players. I was talking to Dave Trembley about it. There are a lot of examples, whether it be John Russell in Pittsburgh or Dave Trembley here. A lot of people who go through the growing pains so other people can reap the benefits. That’s the way the game’s always been. Sometimes, timing is everything.

“For me personally and my family, it seems like a short time, but someone may feel completely different.”

Baltimore has become home for Showalter and his family. Well, a second home. They also reside in Dallas.

“It was early on, and it is for about 11 months out of the year,” said Showalter, who’s compiled a 256-234 record with the Orioles. “I’ve gotten to see the snow here, the ice here. The good and the bad. Got to see all the seasons. Got to try to travel the roads I get home on when it’s iced over. I kind of enjoy it.

“I’ve seen Baltimore in the winter, spring and the fall. Haven’t gotten to see it in the spring much. I could see making home here.”

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