Showalter speaks after 11-8 win

The Orioles have hit at least three home runs in a game 19 times this season to lead the American League. The Braves lead the majors with 20.

The Orioles’ power was on full display tonight, with Chris Davis hitting his 40th home run, Nate McLouth belting his first career grand slam and Ryan Flaherty coming within a triple of the cycle in an 11-8 win over the Mariners at Camden Yards.

Here’s a sampling of manager Buck Showalter’s post-game comments:

On whether the bats are back:
“Tonight, we swung the bats well. We needed them. You can tell Seattle’s swinging the bats well and playing well, so I felt like we were going to need every one of them. We probably owed Tilly (Chris Tillman) that one a little bit, as well as he’s been for us.”

On Tillman’s struggles:
“He got out of sync a little bit and didn’t get back in. He got some extended periods where his command wasn’t there. The first inning, I thought he was really sharp. Good curveball there. Just goes to show you this doesn’t mean that and that doesn’t mean this. It’s just every inning. It’s such a challenge doing this day in and day out for these guys. That’s why I have so much respect for them.”

On the home runs:
“It’s part of our offense. But it’s a part of every major league team’s offense for the most part. We just have some guys who are capable of doing that who are also good defenders. I think that’s what is the difference. The days that doesn’t happen, they can impact the game with their gloves. We’ve been running a good defensive game out there, and the ebb and flow of runs and home runs, that’s one of the very consistent things you can do to impact the game every night.”

On Flaherty staying ready:
“It’s very easy to use inconsistency of play into not being good when you get in there. You see the work that Ryan and all our guys do. Casi (Alexi Casilla). I’m so proud of them. They do a great job of being ready. Stevie (Pearce). Quite frankly, that’s why they’re still on our club, because I know and we know and their teammates know that they’re going to be ready when called on because they work to be ready.”

On Flaherty’s ball being ruled a home run upon review:
“They got it right. We have things in place to get that call right. And in the future I’m sure they’ll continue to do some things to make a very difficult job easier.”

On Francisco Rodriguez giving up two more home runs:
“Just got some fastballs in places he doesn’t want to get them. But he didn’t walk anybody. They were solo home runs. Came right back. Saw a little bit of the veteran he is. A lot of guys after that, they start throwing the ball around. He got us back in the dugout. I was hoping to stay away from Jimmy (Johnson) tonight, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings with him.”

On Davis joining the 40-home run club for the Orioles:
“It’s one of those things you reflect back on when the season is over. I’ll let you all do it. He’s got a lot of good baseball ahead of him. Obviously, he’s had quite a start to this season. I say start. I don’t think Chris is going to be satisfied and stop because there are so many meaningful home runs and base hits he gets for us.”

On decision to activate Steve Johnson with Brian Roberts on paternity leave:
“He’s in Bowie. It’s another advantage of having our club right there. Instead of going short, we thought our biggest potential need would be if something happened to Chris. You don’t assume anything. Or if we get into extra innings. We had a chance for a guy to take a 50-minute ride, and if we didn’t do it, I don’t think that’s very smart. We were talking about whether we could do something else, but I think a lot depends on what’s going on with Brian, because this is a day-to-day paternity up to three days, so he could take as long as through Sunday.”

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