Notes and quotes before tonight’s game

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he hasn’t heard from the commissioner’s office regarding last night’s outburst after the bottom of the first inning.

“If I had, I probably wouldn’t tell you, but I haven’t,” he said.

Showalter took exception to Yankees manager Joe Girardi yelling at third base coach Bobby Dickerson, accusing him of stealing signs, and had to be restrained by the plate umpire as both dugouts emptied.

Showalter called his mother to apologize.

“Unfortunately, she can read lips,” he said.

Asked whether he spoke to Girardi today, Showalter replied, “Not necessarily. I don’t know. I wouldn’t let you in on it if I would. It wouldn’t be very sincere then, would it?”

Showalter also said the focus tonight by everyone “in the arena” is on the pitching matchup.

Why so much intensity between these two clubs?

“I think what we’re both in a position to do, to have an opportunity to do,” Showalter said. “It’s two very competitive groups that are competing for the same thing. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? It matters. You care. If you care, it matters, like a lot of things in life. You’re not very passionate about things you don’t care about. So, I think we all stand accused.”

Asked about other clubs stealing signs, Showalter said, “You should be conscious of that and you should do it if you can get them. They’re right there for everybody to see if you figure out the sequences. There are a lot of clubs that have people do nothing else but watch the sequences, so it’s very easy to camouflage it keep people from getting it. That’s part of the game. It’s all part of it. That falls underneath the Captain Obvious thing.”

Showalter mentioned the 1980s Brewers clubs as being notorious for stealing signs, and said there were at least 15 current teams who are known for doing it.

During a phone interview earlier today that aired on ESPN New York 98.7’s “Lunch with Lupica Show,” Showalter said that the Yankees “are actually one of the better teams at it.”

In other news, Showalter said the Orioles will “probably lose” Nick Markakis on Wednesday, when the outfielder’s wife, Christina, is due to give birth to the couple’s third child. Doctors may induce labor in the morning.

Outfield Steve Pearce will play in simulated games on Friday and Saturday in Sarasota, and he could join the Orioles in Boston next week. He took batting practice against coaches to test his sore left wrist.

Henry Urrutia, who’s in tonight’s lineup as the designated hitter, also could rejoin the team in Boston. He isn’t allowed to make the trip into Canada.

The Orioles are deciding whether Urrutia comes back to the majors or stays in Sarasota and gets ready for the Arizona Fall League.

The Orioles will keep infielder Jonathan Schoop on their roster, and Showalter said there’s still the potential for him to play this month. He would have been a replacement at second base on Sunday against the White Sox if the game had gone into extra innings.

Showalter is focused on the remaining 19 games, but he’s skimmed the 2014 scheduled that Major League Baseball released earlier today.

“I haven’t analyzed it,” he said. “Is it still the back-to-back Chicago? That was unique. That’s where you want to have a good hotel.

“I’m probably too tough of a critic, but I did think this year’s schedule, all things considered, was one of the better ones I’ve seen,” he said. “I’m not counting on a lot next year.”

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