Showalter and Girardi exchange words (O’s lead 3-1)

The Orioles tied the game in the bottom of the first inning tonight, but the score became secondary to what transpired between the two managers after the final out.

Chris Davis flied to right field to end the inning. Suddenly, Orioles manager Buck Showalter bolted out of the dugout, his face reddening as he screamed at Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

Girardi walked out of the visiting dugout in a much calmer state and said, “What?” Showalter pointed his index finger at Girardi and appeared from the MASN replay to say, “That’s not right, Joe” multiple times.

Plate umpire Ed Hickox blocked Showalter’s path and tried to push him back as both teams moved onto the field. A few of the Yankees got in front of Girardi.

This series just got a little more interesting.

One theory being floated here is Girardi said something to third base coach Bobby Dickerson, who relayed the message to Showalter, which led to the heated exchange.

As players from both teams returned to the bench, both managers remained on the field and spoke to separate umpires. Later, Orioles starter Chris Tillman appeared to be issued a warning to head off any thoughts of retaliation. An umpire definitely spoke to him.

Showalter may choose to keep the matter private after the game, but he most certainly will be asked about it. And the Yankees press will grill Girardi.

Nick Markakis led off the inning with a ground-rule double, took third on Manny Machado’s sacrifice bunt and scored on Adam Jones’ sacrifice fly.

Update: The Orioles scored twice off CC Sabathia in the bottom of the fifth to take a 3-1 lead.

J.J. Hardy led off with a double and hustled to third on Michael Morse’s grounder to third baseman Alex Rodriguez, holding up until Rodriguez made the throw. Matt Wieters followed with a sacrifice fly to break the tie.

Alexi Casilla singled - making him 17-for-33 against Sabathia - stole second and scored on Nick Markakis’ single into center field.

Markakis is 3-for-3 tonight as the leadoff hitter. It’s been a year and one day since Sabathia busted Markakis’ left thumb with a pitch.

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