Showalter speaks after 4-3 win

Just another victory while going 2-for-18 with runners in scoring position. Happens all the time, right?

The only statistic that interested the Orioles today was the final score. They defeated the White Sox 4-3 in 10 innings on Matt Wieters’ two-run walk-off single.

Here’s a sampling from manager Buck Showalter’s post-game session with the media:

On whether he felt fortunate to get the win:
“I thought we deserved it. It was frustrating, but we finally break through there at the end. Our guys did a lot of great things to set up those situations and we just couldn’t get over that hump. Our bullpen did a real nice job for us. Tommy (Hunter) just left a breaking ball out over the plate. But Matty had a big hit for us. I thought one of the keys was the read (Chris) Dickerson made on the ball that Nicky (Markakis) hit. A lot of guys play that safe and don’t trust their instincts and end up at second base.”

On the big at-bats in the 10th:
“You’re in the dugout and you get a certain feel. There’s a lot of people frustrated for the right reasons. And to end up on the good side of it, you’re excited about that for our players, and for our fans. I know it was a frustrating game for them, too, but it was frustrating for Chicago. We got some breaks, too. We got some breaks.”

On Markakis stealing second in the 10th to score the winning run:
“I thought they might come in, and the possibility of Nate (McLouth) hitting into a double play, we liked that in our favor. So many things today that appear on paper, but you never know. They’re human beings and there’s emotions. We want this so much, that it’s just, it’s tough staying within yourself. It’s hard. (Addison) Reed and (Nate) Jones are good relief pitchers.”

More on Markakis’ steal:
“When they came in that one time, and (Alexei) Ramirez was close to the’re going by so many things. Addison is usually 1.2, 1.3 (to the plate) and he had gotten up to 1.6, 1.7 there. There’s another example of the fake to third, throw to first. If that play’s still in, you probably can’t do that.”

On Wieters always heating up in September:
“Knowing Matt, he would say, ‘Geez, I could have done it a little while earlier.’ Matty, it’s very remarkable any time a catcher that catches regularly can lift his arms this time of year, I’m amazed by it.”

On Wieters staying ready despite having day off:
“I think everybody’s mentally locked in the game. If you saw the scurrying around in our dugout when we got in some situations where we were going to be using multiple players. We had to make a decision whether to keep Henry (Urrutia) here yesterday with Dickerson coming. We decided to keep him because we might use him. Came close a couple times. And tried hard to get Dickerson back. Dan (Duquette) and them created a way to get him back when I asked for him. It’s just an organizational thing to put us in a position to do something good.”

On how Wei-Yin Chen pitched today:
“Good, really good. He had a real crisp fastball and made very few mistakes. The one place you really don’t want to throw the guy (Dayan Viciedo) who hit the home run was actually a great pitch, but sometimes, and up here, certain guys hit the ball down there to left. It was a good pitch on paper, but that’s sort of where his happy zone is.”

On removing Chen after the sixth:
“I almost took him out after the fifth. This time of the year, pitch count and what’s going on, and he had four or five matchups he could use. One of the challenges is trying to decide when and who they’ll pinch-hit for. This time of year, they’ve got so many options, so I was going hitter to hitter with Wei-Yin there.”

On taking first three games of this series:
“I talk all the time about how hard four-game series are on anybody and your momentum is your next day’s pitcher your facing and the guy who’s pitching for you. That’s how this thing works, so hopefully Bud (Norris) will give us a chance to win tomorrow.”

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