Showalter talks about injuries in 5-4 loss

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Orioles manager Buck Showalter had lots to say about losing Manny Machado and Alexi Casilla to injuries in today’s 5-4 loss to the Rays before 17,830 at Tropicana Field. I’ll give you his quotes, and later pass along comments from concerned teammates.

“It started out as a real good road trip and we ran into some problems here and a lot of that has to do with Tampa,” Showalter said. “They played real well. It’s frustrating because our guys really left it all out on the field. It’s a group that the city of Baltimore and our fans can feel real proud of. A couple of unfortunate injuries on the field and that’s where my heart is right now, regardless of they way the game ended.”

On Machado and Casilla:

“I try not to be a doctor. Alexi got a pretty good blow to the head. I kind of found out after the fact. Looking back at it, I decided to get him out of there. I probably should have gotten him out of there from the get-go. He seems to be a little more clear. He’s going to get a CT scan and chances are he’ll stay here and not travel until we get all the tests back and he’ll stay overnight in the hospital. Manny’s pretty down, as you can imagine. Somehow, they couldn’t get the film developed here after they took the pictures. Doctors weigh in on something they shouldn’t, quite frankly. I’ve heard some early prognosis, but I think they should wait until they get all the tests back. Everybody needs to be quick to paint something negatively. But Manny will play for the Baltimore Orioles again at a very high level and I’m real proud of him. Unfortunately, things happen when you’re playing a game at breakneck speed like these guys try to again today. We’ll get some tests at the best hospital in the country, the best doctors and we’ll see what they have to say.”

On whether the Orioles will add more players:

“I don’t know yet. I’ll sit down with Dan (Duquette) and let the smoke clear a little bit. Right now we think we’ve got some people to withstand that, but we’ll see. I haven’t really gone that direction with my mindset yet, but I will shortly.”

On whether it’s definitely a knee injury for Machado:

“They immobilized it so quickly, you really don’t know what all ... You guys got a lot better look at it than I did. I’m sure you saw. People love to show those replays for some reason. I won’t look at it. I think it’s more knee-related, but who knows? By the time they get through with everything, there could be something going on with the ankle. I don’t know.”

More on the X-ray:

“They took an X-ray and somehow they couldn’t develop the pictures. Had a little glitch there. I’m sure we won’t get a full diagnosis until we get the MRI back in Baltimore tomorrow morning. I think Dr. (John) Wilckens is already setting it up at one of the best hospitals in the country, so we’ll let them weigh in. I’m not one of those guys who plays doctor right now. I know the doctor said something to our trainers. I don’t know how he can make that quick of a diagnosis, but we’ll see. It will end up being good before it’s all over. Manny will play for the Baltimore Orioles again at a high level.”

On whether the injury is season-ending:

“I’m not going to get involved in that ‘Woe is me’ and all the negativity that comes with not having a player as good as Manny. And I understand that you have to. It’s potentially an injury that, you would think it would, just from the early reports, but let’s get everything in. But it certainly doesn’t look very promising right now.”

On what the team went through watching the injury happen:

“I talked to him again inside. What happens is, when you’re involved in something like that, you’re in a little bit of a state of shock. I’m concerned about all our guys. Casi took a big blow in the head there and I probably should have gotten him out of there. I didn’t know what he had hit. In between the innings he was a little bit light-headed and dizzy, so he’s going to get a CT scan. He’s going to stay overnight here probably and not travel. He got a little foggy-headed between innings and we got him out of there. Manny ... when you’re out there, baseball is secondary. I know his mother has been down. You’re just trying to paint a positive picture for him. I don’t like a lot of people playing doctor this time, especially doctors who are telling people what they think it is before he’s even had an MRI back. When it’s my players and people who have played the game the way Manny and Casi have, I’m protective of somebody jumping the gun.”

On how he felt running onto the field:

“I was first hoping that he had turned his ankle. Unfortunately, I had a pretty good angle of it. They were going to call him out, but the reason he went left is because he fell that way, so they got that one right. They didn’t get the other one right. The check swing obviously hurt us. Obviously, they missed that call. But it’s kind of secondary now when you lose two good people. The heck with what kind of players they are. They’re two good young men who represent the Orioles very well and our fans I know are very proud of the way they left it out on the field. You watched the game. The game’s not always fair. And today’s one of those days.”

On the state of the clubhouse:

“There’s a certain professional respect. Both of these clubs. You’ve watched us play all year. There’s a healthy respect for what we’re both trying to attain. That’s why it’s so entertaining for everybody, because you know you’ve got some of the best players in the world and the best makeup and pure hearts about why we’re competing. So, it’s not always fair. Nobody walks around robotic. Certainly, it hurts. It hurts, regardless of what it means for our team and our ability to win a game. That’s kind of secondary. That’s a guy who’s been with us, in the big leagues, for over a year and a half, it seems like. A season and a half. And Casi’s as good a teammate as you’ll ever have. Manny obviously has been a solid person for us as well as obviously having a great year. He’s having as good a year as you could possibly as for, especially for a young player. But it’s still going on.”

On the road trip and another tough loss:

“It’s just frustrating because they played hard. But you know there’s another game tomorrow, fortunately and unfortunately. This game can be real cold. You’ve got to turn the page. And crazier things have happened in six games. You know from being around our guys. It’s ... I don’t want to say depressing - it probably is - but more of what’s going on there now is teammate to teammate with two guys who have gone down in the line of the fight. There by the grace of God go all of us. We are very lucky Nicky (Markakis) didn’t get hurt worse than he did. I’m sure he’s going to be sore in some places he doesn’t realize tomorrow. These guys are slashing and clawing, you know, obviously at a time when we’re down offensively. And you can see they’re trying to scratch and claw for everything they can get.”

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