A few notes on the Orioles’ search for a pitching coach

Days tend to stretch to weeks, and weeks to months, when it comes to the Orioles announcing changes to their coaching staff. We should have plenty of time to speculate about candidates and hires.

Unfortunately, you’re going to come across some names that don’t belong. It happens. It’s “Guesses Gone Wild,” with industry types offering opinions based on a variety of factors. Logic doesn’t always lead to truth.

I’m hearing that three or four candidates already are lined up for interviews next week. And the pitching coach likely would have input in the hiring of a bullpen coach, since they’ll be working closely together.

Bill Castro, who left the bullpen to replace Rick Adair as pitching coach in August, will be given consideration. Triple-A Norfolk pitching coach Mike Griffin also will be discussed. However, it appears that the Orioles are keying on coaches with major league experience and a track record.

The Orioles are hesitant to remove Griffin from Triple-A Norfolk, where his instruction is so highly valued. He could emerge as a candidate for the bullpen job, but my guess is he remains with the Tides.

Again, it’s a guess. We’re in the early stages here.

Rick Peterson, the Orioles’ director of pitching development, is regarded as a long shot at this point.

The Orioles are interested in Carl Willis, according to one source, and the Mariners are willing to let him out of his contract while searching for a new manager. He served as the Indians pitching coach from 2003-2009, and he replaced Adair as Seattle’s pitching coach on Aug. 9, 2010.

The Phillies fired Rich Dubee, who could end up on the Orioles’ list of candidates. However, he’s currently seen as a long shot. And there doesn’t appear to be any interest in Charles Nagy, fired earlier this month by the Diamondbacks after three seasons.

The Orioles would have been intrigued by a reunion with Rick Kranitz, their pitching coach when manager Buck Showalter took the helm in Aug. 2010, but he’s staying with the Brewers.

Fans wanting Hall of Famer Jim Palmer to take the job will be disappointed again. He’s not interested.

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