Notes on D. Stockstill and Boulanger

Earlier today, I mentioned how David Stockstill signed the Orioles’ first player from Guatemala, outfielder Manny Hernandez, back in 2009.

Stockstill’s contract ran out Oct. 31, and I’ve received confirmation that the Orioles chose not to renew it.

Executive vice president Dan Duquette informed Stockstill of his decision.

Stockstill previously served as the club’s director of player development before switching roles with his brother, John, and becoming director of international scouting. Most recently, he scouted Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas.

John Stockstill remains with the Orioles as director of player personnel. He also scouts the Pacific Rim.

David Stockstill’s scouting duties have been passed along to Mike Boulanger, who spent the past two seasons as the Orioles’ coordinator of minor league hitting.

Former Orioles third baseman Jeff Manto recently was hired as the new coordinator of minor league hitting. Boulanger considered retirement before Duquette offered him a scouting position.

Got all that? I hope so, because there will be a quiz later.

Meanwhile, senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal just tweeted that the Orioles are “willing” to trade catcher Matt Wieters.

Again, they would have to be overwhelmed by an offer. Same with Hardy. But hey, it’s something else to discuss and debate today.

Warm those hands on the hot stove.

If the Orioles actually did trade Wieters, you can bet that they’d be linked to free agent catcher Brian McCann. They like him. However, he would cost a first-round pick after declining the Braves’ qualifying offer. He’s also ripe for a big contract.

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