Who’s headed to the Hall?

The 2014 inductees into baseball’s Hall of Fame will be announced today at 2 p.m. on MLB Network.

We won’t have a repeat of last year’s shutout.

Greg Maddux is a slam dunk, though he won’t be a unanimous selection. I guess 355 victories, a 3.16 ERA, four Cy Young Awards, eight All-Star selections and 18 Gold Glove Awards - the most all-time at any position - over 23 seasons aren’t enough for some people.

MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick caused quite a stir yesterday when his ballot revealed only one selection - for pitcher Jack Morris. Gurnick later told MLB Network Radio that he will abstain from voting in future years.

He’s probably a year too late, but he’s earned the right to cast his vote(s) however he chooses. Doesn’t mean we have to agree with him. As I’ve stated, there’s no perfect ballot.

There are ballots with gaping holes in them, and Gurnick’s could double as a putt-putt golf course without the windmill, but no perfectos.

Maddux needs 75 percent of the votes for induction. He should have received 100, but he’s getting in regardless.

No need to shed a tear.

Former teammate Tom Glavine, a two-time Cy Young Award winner and owner of 305 victories, should join him.

I’m also predicting that Frank Thomas is inducted, giving baseball three first-timers with their bags packed for Cooperstown.

Any other year, I’d also expect Craig Biggio to make it, since he received 68.2 percent of the votes last year. However, he may have dropped off a few ballots or been omitted again to make room for others.

Former Oriole Mike Mussina will be inducted one year, but I don’t think it’s going to happen in 2014.

I’m curious whether another former Oriole, Rafael Palmeiro, drops off the ballot. He needs at least five percent of the votes to stay on it, and he received only 8.8 last year.

Yep, the fourth member of the 500 home run/3,000 hit club will be stuck on the outside. Darn that pesky PED suspension.

Here’s another look at my ballot, which includes Morris. Try not to hate me.

Jeff Bagwell
Craig Biggio
Tom Glavine
Greg Maddux
Edgar Martinez
Jack Morris
Mike Mussina
Mike Piazza
Tim Raines
Frank Thomas

Morris was my last choice. I had ignored him in previous years, but voted for him in his 15th and final year of eligibility. I’m an enigma.

The Orioles may announce more FanFest details today, including tickets going on sale and confirmed players. It’s scheduled for Feb. 1 at the Convention Center.

If I were in charge, I’d have a cardboard cutout of Grant Balfour on stage with a thermometer in his mouth.

Too soon?

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