No X-rays for Britton

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Orioles manager Buck Showalter said pitcher Zach Britton is fine after taking a comebacker off the bottom portion of his glove hand.

Britton may have a bruise, but he won’t need X-rays.

“It got mostly glove,” Showalter said following the Orioles’ 11-5 win over the Twins. “It scared the (heck) out of him, but he seems to be all right. Richie (Bancells) said he thought he was fine.

“A little early anxiety. I think he was kind of sitting there going, ‘Holy (crap), I’m glad it hit there.’ But he seems to be fine.”

Britton was slated to pitch two innings. Being hit by Josh Willingham’s ball didn’t force his exit from the game.

Britton had his sinker working. He allowed one hit, hit a batter on the foot - now that’s sink - and struck out two.

“I’m glad Dave (Wallace) got to see it tonight because I’ve been telling him,” Showalter said. “When they get it going, they can make it look easy with the sinker.”

Chris Tillman allowed three runs, only one earned, in the second inning.

“Tilly should have had no runs,” Showalter said. “I had him with three scoreless in my mind.”

Tillman’s velocity is up this spring. It’s usually more of a gradual climb.

“Usually he’s 88-90 (mph), but he’s 92-93 (mph),” Showalter said.

Tillman was pleased with his outing.

“Physically, I felt good. I felt the same. Just getting the feel of getting back up and down. I’ve got no complaints physically,” he said.

“Mechanically, I felt good, too. I actually felt better mechanically today than I did the other day. Just a matter of getting back out there for a second time. Mechanically good, physically good. I fell behind and that’s what hurt me. My pitch execution was good for the most part. I was happy with where my stuff was. My fastball command was there and that’s important.”

Johnny Monell was 3-for-4 with a home run and four RBIs. He also caught knuckleballer Eddie Gamboa.

“He wasn’t too keen on Mr. Gamboa coming in,” Showalter said. “I had to talk him out of his anxiety there.”

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