Which Orioles would make good managers?

Another roster move is coming from the Orioles as they recall Miguel Gonzalez from Triple-A Norfolk to make tonight’s start against the Angels. Reliever Preston Guilmet could be optioned.

In order to keep pace with the daily batch of trade rumors as we approach the non-waiver deadline, I’ll just point out that the Orioles have scouts spread all over the country checking on available starters and relievers.

You’re welcome.

I’m still inclined to believe that a bullpen arm tops the list of priorities, but executive vice president Dan Duquette will take the starter if it’s the first workable deal. And I’ll continue to wonder how the Orioles will create room without dealing someone in their bullpen or rotation.

Meanwhile, the Orioles are 2-2 on their current 10-game West Coast trip and four games ahead of the Blue Jays and Yankees in the American League East. Having fun?

Let’s take a short break from the deadline noise and pennant race to tackle a much lighter topic. Which current Orioles project as future managers?

Yes, I was cleaning out my notebook and stumbled upon my survey from earlier this summer.

Matt Wieters and J.J. Hardy were popular choices. For example:

hardy hit white sidebar.jpg“Shoot, J.J.’s a great candidate, but another guy to throw in there is Wieters,” said reliever Brian Matusz. “Obviously, being a catcher, he’s pretty much knowledgeable about the entire game, having worked with the pitchers and also being a hitter himself. Matt’s pretty much in every play of the game and he’s also pretty smart, knowledgeable. Doesn’t get caught up in the game. He’s pretty even. I don’t know if I properly explained that, but Matt would be another good candidate.”

Could Matusz envision staying in the game in some capacity after retirement?

Too soon?

“I don’t know. At this point in my career, being a coach hasn’t even like become a thought yet,” he said.

Maybe I should ask him again as he’s approaching 40.

“Yeah, check back then,” he said, laughing.

“I could definitely see myself coaching my kids someday if I ever have kids. I could see myself coaching Little League and things like that. Maybe be a college coach or something. But coaching professional baseball is a different beast. Don’t know if I can see myself doing that, but yeah, definitely coaching at some point some day at some level.”

Here are a few other opinions:

Miguel Gonzalez: “I wouldn’t pick myself, but I think (Darren) O’Day could be a guy who could be a manager. And Chris Tillman. He’s always looking for something, trying to help our guys. There are a couple guys who I think could be managers. Adam Jones is another guy who knows a lot about baseball. They’re all leaders. They know how to express themselves. They know the game. Those guys I think could be managers.

“I would love to at some point. Maybe not a manager, but I could always be a coach and help out. I like helping out younger guys. That could be one of my roles.”

Chris Tillman: “O’Day would be one of them for sure. Just talking to him about the game, he understands. There’s a lot of stuff that people don’t see that goes on in the game. Some of it we don’t even know about, that Buck (Showalter) is taking care of. I think Darren gets it. He understands what players go through. I think as a manager you’ve got to be a guy who’s played the game and understands what players are going through and also know how to control every aspect of the game, and he’s always prepared for that.

“I think Darren would be one, and I could see Wieters and J.J., as well. Maybe even (Steve) Clevenger. I think all catchers, they’re always in control of the game. Pretty much for the most part, catchers have got a feel for it.

“I enjoy it, I enjoy helping other guys. I don’t know about managing. Maybe pitching coach. I don’t know enough about the game yet. I learn something new pretty much every game just by watching it. Probably the same for Buck. There’s probably stuff that still happens in games. But he knows how to handle it when it does happen. I still learn from him and still learn from other guys. I can’t say that I’m prepared right now to be a manager, but I enjoy helping people.”

J.J. Hardy: “Catchers seem to turn into managers. They see everything. Need to know everything. We’ve joked around about it, when we’re done and he’s managing and I’m his bench coach. I don’t know if that will ever happen. But if you were to ask me that question, I’d say Wieters.

“It’s such a hard question right now at this point. I think it will have to be, for me to answer that question, it would have to be when I know that I’m going to be done with baseball and start thinking about after baseball. After I was done playing. Right now, I’m just kind of focused on playing as many more years as I can.”

Tommy Hunter: “J.J. would be good. I think Darren would more likely be in the front office. Actually, we had this conversation and he said he’d probably rather take a front office role than be in coaching. But I would rather be in coaching than the front office.

“You’ve got to have somebody who’s fun, lighthearted, prepared. Yeah, J.J. would be good.”

O’Day as a general manager? Let’s ask him.

Darren O’Day: “Sure. I’ve had a hard time my whole life keeping one interest. I like to kind of try everything and see what I like, and the only common hobby I’ve had my whole life is baseball. It’s become a job, but I enjoy it and I’d at least want to dive in and see what it’s about.

“I would personally rather be in the front office than probably on the field. Just kind of the sense that I get that I’d enjoy it more. We’ll see. Maybe do a little bit of both. That would be a lot of fun.”

OK, it’s your turn. Which Orioles would make a good manager?

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