Updating Cashner, Harvey and Davis

NEW YORK - Andrew Cashner continues to have some pain running from his left knee to his shin and there are no plans for him to start again.

Cashner’s status could change if there’s sudden improvement, but the club won’t push him back on the mound and he won’t pitch with the discomfort and risk a more serious injury that could impact 2019.

“He’s been trying to gauge it’s improvement almost every day and we haven’t gotten enough to think that that’s in the near future,” Showalter said.

Hunter Harvey throws black.pngHunter Harvey, shut down again while throwing on flat ground in Sarasota, will have his elbow examined Monday in Baltimore. A team physician will check on him before the club decides on the next step.

A healthy Harvey probably would have cracked the rotation this summer.

“It was a disappointment for Hunter,” Showalter said. “I just feel for him. He’s such a talented young man and a talented pitcher. You talk about one thing or another, it seemed like it was one thing or another. You get one physical issue kind of taken care of ...

“I’ve seen that change. There would be some people, guys you know real well, who kind of went through that and people thought they were never going to be able to get healthy and all of a sudden they were healthy for a 10-year career. Just to say that he’s not going to physically be able to do things because he’s had a real tough year physically ...

“We were hoping and thinking it was behind us. It was tough. We were expecting him to maybe be impacting our team the second half of the season. But that possibility is still there and to me that’s another good thing that could be on the horizon for us is Hunter getting all the issues behind him. I’m looking at it half full instead of half empty.”

Chris Davis is the designated hitter today and he won’t be in Sunday’s lineup against Yankees left-hander J.A. Happ. Davis described his season today as “one disaster after another,” and Showalter again is considering how long to sit him.

“Kind of like last year, we attacked some things and we’ll continue to do it again,” Showalter said. “He’s not going to play tomorrow and we’ll see what the season holds for him. I talked to him today. He really didn’t want to end, I don’t want to say ‘his season,’ but he didn’t want to end on the type of game he had yesterday, so I won’t play him tomorrow. Play him today.

“You try to learn from those things, you try to get better, you try to do something different, which he’s tried. I wouldn’t count him out.”

Alex Cobb is Sunday’s Orioles starter.

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