More on front office interviews and another scouting departure

There’s a growing perception that the Orioles are drawing closer to hiring a top executive for their front office. It probably won’t happen by the end of the week, but the process is moving along.

The drama isn’t confined to the identity of the hire. The title also is to be determined, which is a major contributor to the confusion.

The Orioles were focused on bringing in a president of baseball operations, and that still could happen, but it’s dependent on the individual. The title will fit the person instead of the other way around, from what I’ve gleaned over the last 24 hours.

No matter how it plays out, there will be a two-tier hire, with someone heading the baseball operations department and someone else serving in an assistant role, as I’ve explained in the past. The leader will make the hire and also decide on a manager, as I’ve explained in the past.

baseballs-in-bin-sidebar.jpgIt could be a president and GM type or executive vice president and GM type. The labels aren’t really that important. They are, however, now subject to change from the initial vision.

To provide an example, former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti would be considered a president due to his past experience. He’s had multiple interviews, including one last month. But former Orioles executive Ned Rice, whose name came up in a New York Post report, wouldn’t figure to make the leap because he’s never been a GM.

Many of the names linked to the Orioles are assistants. Colletti and former Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington are two exceptions.

I mentioned Tyrone Brooks and Scott Sharp as possible candidates back in early October, and they’ve interviewed with the Orioles, according to multiple sources.

Brooks is a Glen Burnie native and graduate of North County High School and the University of Maryland who’s been Major League Baseball’s senior director of the front office and field staff diversity pipeline program since 2016. Prior to joining the commissioner’s office, Brooks had been in the Pirates front office since 2009 as director of baseball operations and director of player personnel. He’s never been a GM and is another example of someone who probably wouldn’t receive the president title.

Sharp is a Royals assistant GM and Sykesville native. He too could be viewed as someone with a title below president.

Some of the names appearing in reports are incorrect, but that’s to be expected in the offseason, especially with the Orioles operating in secrecy.

Interviews are taking place for the top executive position, whatever the Orioles eventually call it. And yes, the winner gets to choose his assistant, or whatever the Orioles eventually call it.

* The Marlins have hired former Orioles scout Dana Duquette as an area scout. They made the announcement yesterday morning.

Duquette is the son of former executive vice president Dan Duquette. The last name isn’t an odd coincidence.

Dana Duquette had been with the Orioles as a northeast scout since 2015. He was responsible for New England, New Jersey and New York, according to the team’s media guide.

Numerous changes have occurred in scouting and other departments since Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter learned on Oct. 3 that they wouldn’t be retained. Many of the employee contracts ran out Oct. 31, and the club had to decide whether to offer new deals or go in another direction.

Director of scouting Gary Rajsich remains under contract through November and the Orioles aren’t pressed to make a decision on him. On whether he stays in the organization, leaves or assumes a different title.

Meanwhile, area scout Kelvin Colon has left the Orioles to take a job with the Dodgers.

The Orioles hired Colon in January 2013 after he worked in the Marlins front office. He replaced Juan Alvarez, who left the Orioles to join the Indians as a scout and short-season pitching coach.

These guys do tend to move around.

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