Walk-off rookies

There have been three walk-off homers hit by rookies in the American League this year and two have been hit by Orioles.

*Nolan Reimold, May 27 vs. Toronto
*Luis Valbuena (Clev), August 22
*Matt Wieters, September 16 vs. Tampa

With a win tonight, the Orioles would win a four-game series for the first time all year. Previously they have lost five and tied four 4-game sets.

Matt Wieters 9 RBI over his last three games, matches his output of his previous 24 games.

And, finally, in our never-ending quest to keep up with Matt Wieters and the stopwatch, we understand the O’s dugout times were 1.83 and 1.82 on Wieters two caught stealing of Carl Crawford last night.

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