Wieters potential

When you watch Matt Wieters drive in five runs one night and easily throw Carl Crawford out trying to steal the next, you can see his massive potential. That’s with the glove and bat.

Wieters threw Crawford out at second base tonight. He got a guy who currently has 56 steals, has five career 50-steal seasons and is the AL stolen base leader in four of the last five years.

The stats say Wieters is only about average compared to others in the AL in caught stealing. But after a real slow start in this department he is getting better and better.

You can visualize a day when most won’t try to run on Wieters.

That’s one reason the guy is so hyped. Not only is he a switch-hitting power hitter with size, he can be a real weapon on defense as well. For the forseeable future, the O’s will have a defensive catcher better than most teams that can also bat in the middle of the order.

I recently wrote an article where the O’s coaches in the dugout timed Wieters at 1.68 seconds in throwing out Chone Figgins. That’s the time from when the ball hit his glove until the ball got to second base.

That time is remarkable, in fact some scouts say it can’t be done. But two O’s coaches had stopwaches that said differently.

It’s not that he can do that often, but again shows the massive potential of Wieters and maybe shows, what all the hype was about.

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