Early impressions

You certainly can’t draw many conclusions from the first few innings of the first game, but......

*Adam Jones told Gary Thorne before the game “if someone needs a kick in the butt this year, I’ll do it. If I need a kick in the butt, I hope someone will do it.” Minutes later, he went out and hit a Jamie Walker “rocket ship” off the center-field wall. Then he homered to right in the third. That’s leadership. In his last five Opening Day at bats, Jones is 5 for 5 with a triple, homer, 3 RBI and 4 runs.

*Luke Scott’s homer just came down.......at Disney World in Orlando.

*Shields began the game sharp, pounding the zone with strikes, even if the plate ump has called some of them balls. Looked like he threw about six strikes to Luke Scott in the second before the walk.

*Millwood seems to have good stuff too. Does he work up the zone that much always? They have fouled a lot off and let’s see if he can keep pitching up and get away with it.

*Wieters appeared to hit that ball in the off the end of the bat in the second inning and it went to wall. Hope that bodes well for his season.

*Have the rest of the teams all played five games already. It feels like it.

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