Lugo made Trembley’s seat even hotter

Julio Lugo was not the first Major Leaguer to jog to first base on a routine ground ball and he won’t be the last.

If you go to as many games at Camden Yards as I do, you see it every night on pretty much every team.

That sure doesn’t make it right.

My take on it is this. That was Dave Trembley’s chance to make an example of someone for lack of hustle. I wish he had been benched there. Dave doesn’t and shouldn’t have a sense of loyalty to Lugo and could have taken him from the game while telling the rest of the dugout to hustle at all times or “you could be next.”

In fairness to Trembley and the coaches, it might have been addressed in a manner that the cameras didn’t catch or the reporters and fans don’t know about it. We can only hope that is the case, because it sure didn’t look like it was addressed at the time.


We can’t demand that O’s players get hits every night, strike out batters, pitch great or win. We should be able to demand effort and hustle.

I think he embarrassed his team with that jog. He also embarrassed himself.

The Orioles 2-13 record and seemingly lackluster play just puts that play more in the spotlight. It becomes example A for all that is not right with this team right now.

As if the weight of the world wasn’t already coming down on Trembley, now everyone will be watching to see if he makes any comments about Lugo or sits him tonight.

I tend to put more blame on the players for this terrible start. Many fans are ripping Trembley’s every move, every press conference, every gesture, for heaven’s sake, at this point.

They seem to want someone to take the fall for this awful start and eventually he may take that fall.

I wish the Orioles could enter their clubhouse tonight and start over. Not the season, but the rest of their season.

Go all out every night on every play. No jogs to first base ever. Advance runners for crying out loud. Someone, anyone drop a bunt once in a while. Start to be sound in all the fundamentals. Play with passion, fire and enthusiasm. Enjoy the game and the competition. I’m sure many are, but it doesn’t look that way.

Losses are never easy to take and this record has taken the starch out of everyone that loves this team. Yes, it’s just sports, but people are hurting over this start.

Some fans won’t ever jump ship and will be around all year, no matter what. For that group and others I hope for many more wins but I also hope that at the very least we see constant hustle and desire from the players.

And hitting behind a runner every now and then would be welcome too.

Is that too much to ask?

Coming tomorrow: An interview with Norfolk pitching coach Mike Griffin. He talks about Chris Tillman, Jake Arrieta and the return to Norfolk of Brad Bergesen.

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