Millwood hangs tough (w-update)

You have to give Kevin Millwood credit. He gets A-Rod and Cano out to get out of a bases loaded, one out jam in the top of the third.

His own walk and a Miguel Tejada error prolonged the proceedings and Millwood threw a whopping 33 pitches in the inning and is at 67 for the game in three innings.

Not only did he show poise getting out of that jam, but the Yankees top of the third followed the O’s bottom of the second where Adam Jones hit into a double play with the sacks full and one out.

The O’s got just one run out of a rally where their first two hitters of the frame singled and Phil Hughes later walked two batters.

The O’s have scored just eight runs in Millwood’s first four starts. He had to be a little upset with his hitters after that bottom of the second.

But he kept it together during the troublesome third.

Update: It’s 2-1 Yankees through five. Five-inning pitch counts have Millwood at 104 and Hughes at 101. O’s have just two hits with both coming in the second frame. Alberto Castillo is warming in the O’s pen as the top of the sixth begins.

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